About The BLOGGER! Pamela!

(My face is red because I have The Still's rash on my face, a Butterfly Marker)

Hi, I'm Pamela or Pam & this is My blog about my life! & My Life is all about God & Family & my health & My friends & FASHION & Writing! & I'm 25,I'm a Christian also, God is my life. 

I'm a Family girl. My Dad is a great man and My Hero, Tough But Fair. My Mom is My hero and is amazing in so many ways! she has Beaten Kidney Cancer and is doing well now. My brothers are Awesome! I have two younger brothers And I have a Big Family With Lots Of Cousins and Grandparents and Tia's and Tio's. (Aunts and Uncles) and I have a Lot of friends who Support me and I also have a Little Dog, named Paco! he's My little nurse and Knows when I'm in pain. He's Nine. 

 I also have 6 disease, Asthma & Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Fibromyalgia,(Fibro) (IBS) Irritable bowel syndrome And Sjogren's Syndrome And Adult-onset Still's disease, (AOSD)
 and Lupus, (Systemic lupus erythematosus)
Music I LOVE! Christian Music,Carol King,Carly Simon, Kpop, Rebecca St James,Third Day, Chicago, Adele, Spanish Music,Coldplay & I love The Beatles! 
Other Stuff I like Bible verses, Quotes,Food, old movies, Classic Movies, sayings & Fashion & Tennis. Rafael Nadal FAN! 
Shows! I love are Friends, Blacklist, & Dr Who & & House, Golden girls, Cheers. 
I also LOVE, FASHION! I have My other Blog "Fashion love by Pam"
It's another Passion of Mine! 
My Role Models, are My Mom and My Grandmothers, Aubrey Hepburn! & Jane Austin &  & Princess Kate & Carol Celico.
I make lame Jokes & sometimes Talk to much!! and I'm from Texas. 

 I also have a Foundation Called JRAPeeps, we Help Kids and teens With Arthritis And Let Them Know they are not alone. 
I also have a twitter @Pamlati9 and Email, If you ever want to talk to me, Feel Free to :) 
My Email Is Sewingforlife09@gmail.com
anything for Ads or more info on me, Please Email me. 
and if You can Follow ME! That would make my Day! Thank You for reading! God Bless! -Pamela