Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hello! It's Me.

Hello ALL!
I know it's been a while.
Kinda Crazy few years! I'm slowly getting back into everything again. So much has Happened a Lot. more stories later.
I grew up a lot. It's been maybe 4 years!!! where has the time gone? I will be updating More hopefully!
To be Honest I have been trying to live like I'm not sick. I'm OVER THAT! It's Like Pamela, you are Sick but I see myself as normal but ask anyone who knows me. I am NOT Normal.
so my Cousin and I were having a Conversation.
she's Eight years old. She is one of my best friends. She's Young but I asked her something, To get a Truly Honest Answer. You may say "Well, Pamela she's eight. But kids are VERY Honest." I asked her this and it was in Winter 2015. I had been a though a lot that year. I asked Her, "Do You think I'm Normal?" She looks at me Up and down. She says, "Pamela No, You're my cousin, But I don't lie. You're not. But I like that about you." Then She went on How She heard, how I was in the hospital a lot as a kid. How my extended Family says I don't go out, and that they never worry that I will get into Trouble, I started crying because my family thought so well of me.
She goes "what's wrong?" I said "No, Just happy," she smiled and goes on, She said "well, your always at the Doctors and you eat fast food."  HAHA! (Do They Know me or what?) "And you're always at home. you don't go to College or school," she said. I did graduate from High school tho.  I look at her, and said to her, "You know Anyone can make anything Out of themselves without going to College but YOU Need to go."  She laughs and says, "I WILL! even though, I hate school."  So then the conversation kinda ended because she started painting.
But a lot of things stuck out to me.
My family knew it but they never worry about me besides my health. Everyone knows, My Big Mexican family Does Understand.
 I was Blessed with a family that Truly cares, they aren't perfect but for them, I am. That Conversation changed The end of 2015. I went into that year happy Because I finally say what My family saw about me and Yes, I'm not Normal.
I had Doctors from all over the state tell me. I am a rare person And That's okay.
Now I see my family knows it and My Friends Try but everyone is busy with College,Work, Marriage and there I am. I am Very happy to say, I finally Have Really Good Spoonie friends! and Making more friends who are wonderful People and CARE! When I don't feel good. they send me happy stuff or just post photos. I am Very grateful for them.
so 2016 was a really good year, Even if some things don't work out, I learned from them. But Hopeful everything goes well!
This Tuesday is Rare disease Day! WHOO HOOO!!
so I am Going to have a Post coming up on Tuesday! So look Out for that.
This is my Rambling for the day. See you on Tuesday!

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