Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How I have Been? & Update!

                                                               Hi Everyone!
I know.. I haven't updated in awhile! I have been so busy with my health And my other blog, I really hope, I can update more this Summer!!
Let's Start in
Jan/Feb, My Health was Good, I just kept getting colds & more Shots In My Back & Hips from Jerry Aka a Hero with Shots! & seeing my Rhumy Dr once a Month! OH & I have Carpel Tunnel In BOTH arms! & it's worse this time! Jerry Put Shots there! ( He saved My arms) since It was still cold Here in Texas.
March/April, I moved to a New Family Dr, She did a full work Up & Sent My blood work to My Rhumy, I see Rhumy. "Pamela?":My Rhumy. ME:"Yes?"
"Do You know how Low Your Vitamin D Is?" said My Rhumy?
 "Ummmm... No,Sir?" It's a 6!
Mom:"WHAT!! Why is it so Low while looking right at her Great & Wonderful First Born Child?" Me:"umm.. I don't know why! Looking at Mommy"
My Rhumy: "What Happened to The Gummy Vitamins?" ME: Ummm... I had to stop Them?" Rhumy:"Why did You stop Them?" ME: "Because I was getting Bloody Mouth sores" Rhumy: Why Didn't You say Anything?" ME:"Ummm, because I thought you knew, from My Medicine list"
Rhumy: "Ok, Let's send You to Your Allergy Dr who was helping you with it & Ask Him to Try Vitamin D-3 & Vitamin D-1, Ok?" ME: "Yes Sir.."
Mom & I leave after Getting Shots with Jerry. Mom:" Pamela, How did it get so low?" ME: "Mom.. Because it was Winter! You know I don't go out as much & no sun! I stand near a White wall, I'll get lost in it!" Mom: "trying not to laugh! that's true.."
Off to Dr V, aka My Allergy Dr.
There...Dr V: "Hi Pamela, How are you? You haven't been here in 3 years! How have you been?" Me: "Ok, well.. No, not really, & I tel' him the story but you know.. in a shorter version." Dr V: "I'll Be right back." He comes back. Dr V:"he doesn't say much, we just watch Him." He's getting Vitamin D-3 & does it on his arm, Then Mine & see How My sick will act with this.. we wait. Dr V: Ok. I'll be back in 5 Mins" Mom & I sit there.. reading Iphones.. Dr V comes back. It's been 5 mins. OK. Dr V: "your arm seems Like you're Ok with it, Now, Let's try getting the Liquid & try that for right now, Ok? Then he brings the Liquid.. he brings a Liquid Pill & puts a shot needle in it & Squeezes it, into his Month & Tell me to do the same thing" so I do it.. & Dr V: Stay here for a Hour & see how Your body acts, If Your Ok, Then you can take this Vitamin D-3, For your Vitamin D! & It should help your blood Levels & Then He says "Do You have anything else you want to talk about or ask me?" ME: "OK. I was gluten free a couple of years ago & It was helping.. & Now I see when I eat a Sandwich  My tummy hurts a lot & then I feel so bad.. Dr V: "Ok. Go Gluten Free & It seems You may have "non celiac gluten sensitivity" & if It helps,Keep doing it!  & It any other Drs Don't like it.. well, It's Your Body." & keep staying away from foods & medicines that makes you feel sick."  ME: "YES SIR!" So before I go gluten free I need to talk to Dr Huffy about it.
Mom & I were so HAPPY! about The Vitamin D-3!! I feel so much better!
This past Month was Arthritis Month! For Still's Disease And Rheumatoid arthritis. I wanted to Blog so much! but I keep getting flares in my arms from my carpal tunnel! & I was very busy with life things! & May was Great, My cousins came to visit & it was also my little cousin's birthdays & Health wise.. I was doing ok.. even though in Mid May I got very sick with a Cold/Sinus Virus that took me 2 weeks to get better! but then My pain came back even more painful and I was having a flare then I found My shots Man Jerry was out of town, But at the end of May, I was doing a lot better just carpal tunnel keeps bothering me though!
Present Or June.. I was been feeling ok.. I just keep getting Really bad pain flare ups & I have been researching Gluten & all my diseases & I found out more things I need to talk about with My dr. I'm seeing him soon! so I'll have a post on that hopefully soon!  &  It's June 4th & today is my little cousin's birthday & my Birthday in Sunday & My Parents anniversary is on Sunday too! & the Spurs on in the NBA Finals & I'm watching The French Open like a Crazy person. I love it! Only thing is Soccer of Futball season is over..so Sad. I'll be posting more in June! & I hope to be going to the Beach this summer with tons of Sunblock! for Sure! :)

                                                           Missed Y'all
                                                            Xoxo Pam


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