Friday, July 6, 2012

What is The Cricoarytenoid joint?

Lately since Tuesday Morning I have had a horsey voice and on Wednesday! It's not a Little bit worse so It has now turned raspy & croaky!! :(  too!
I have done like all I can think of to do! I have this issue Before but then It lasted one week.. so we will see. it just sounds like I am super sick! and I keep thinking what The HECK! is this!?? then it came to me..
It's my Cricoarytenoid Joint!!
oh no... AHHH!! *runs & hids!*
what the heck is that?? Well, let's talk about it!!
See the Red areas in the Photo Below! 
well, That's MUSCLE! and the Muscles get all swollen, just like our knees when you get a flair up with RA.
And Our Voice doesn't know where to go! that's why it sounds Like that.
This how I see it! i'm Not a Doctor or anything! just saying it easy! for everyone to Understand.

Here's tons More stuff! and if You need more Info! Click!  <<<--- MUST READ!! this Link from It's AWESOME! tells you all about Cricoarytenoid joint.

so that's what Has been Up with me! Beside trying to stay well!! and busy with writing. So yes, I am Working on something and it's almost done but I have no idea where to Publish it. I just Hope God will Bering something my way. So Just Pray for me on That my readers and Followers and friends. 
God really Has blessed me with The best Family and Friends, I can't stop saying it! 
Have a wonderful Weekend I will too! even with a nasty voice! 

God Bless! 
Quote of the DAY! 

"God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest."
 ~ J. G. Holland


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