Thursday, July 12, 2012

heart to Heart with Happiness.

I'm Very well, Besides the normal stuff. 
I went to see the Rhumy on tuesday, and He took me off some stuff! 
I feel a Lot Better and didn't add any new stuff,since I have been feeling some Really Bad side effects Like. Mood swings! *GRRR!!!* or over eating! *NOOMM NOM!!* or heart pains! *GAH! My Chest..*I'm trying to tell myself this is NOT!! a big deal when it is and Deep down inside.. I can feel It. Like I'm scared and I just want to run away because I was Scared what could happen BUT! he said "well, You don't want to be on them Let's Try with out them." I said "yes, PLEASE!" 
Then I told him all about the Carpel Tunnel And Why I had, About How I'm writing On a book and I want Kids & teens who are also sick.. To know,they aren't alone & they aren't freaks, Just sick! There is something about my Doctor That a lot of people don't know. I won't say what! But he knows How it is. He told Me, "You should just keep doing it, and try to fight the pain and it should heal very soon, because It's not that Swollen."
And He said, I can't wait to read your Book. 
I told Him, I just want to get published Really bad.
then He said My Blood Is Ok, Just some stuff is high but He thinks it's the Methotrexate so I'm off it for now. 
It was nice to Chat/heart to heart with My Doctor remind me he's Human and knows how it is. 
and I didn't Get Shots but Jerry is away.. and Well, My knee's are dying with out him! & it's RAINING! so You know who Rain makes us Arthritis People hurt a LOT more. 
I'm having to use old fashion Pain pills & Icy Hot & keeping my knees iced & different stuff... I'm not trying not to be doubtful or anything.. But I feel like I am!

The rain is gone for now. So I feel a Bit better today. I just wanted to make some stuff clear! i'm working on a LOT of pages Like Facts about Lupus and so much more and Medcine also. I haven't Forgotten that! just need to keep researching it all and It's kinda tough!  

On Monday I was feeling a little down because there was just some stuff going on around with me, Just feeling down & thinking My life will never get better and My Book will never SELL! then I was on my email and I got this from youtube and It made my DAY! 
Who is she? Bubsbeauty & a Youtuber!
This Video just changed My WHOLE DAY! 
I mean, My Mom is always Telling me, the same thing But I guess I had to hear it from Someone else, And Wow. I feel very Happy and grateful for everything I have, even though. Yes, I'm sick! 
but I'm Alive! i'm not dead, or something worse. So even how bad Our Life is, with Doctors or shots everyday just to feel better even for a bit, Or family who don't understand or just hard times, We still should be Happy For God put us on earth for a Reason. 
Thank You Bubz! for showing it to me, when I needed it. 
I wanted to show It to YOU ALL! who are sick & some times feel alone, but we aren't I hope this Helps You! 
Like It did for me. 
God bless! 
-Pamela <3 



  1. Hi, I just wanted to say Hi! I'm Lisa and I have fibro too and bursitis and tendinitis (Do you have these?) I found you through Fibro Bloggers Directory

  2. Hi, LISA! :)
    OH YAY! another Fibro SISTER!
    I do have both, I have Bursitis on my left hip and Tendinitis On My left hip also & On My tailbone! OH YAY! Glad You liked my blog! :)


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