Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Plus Spider-Man Review!

Hello, Everyone!!! 
HAPPY 4th of JULY! isn't Wonderful to be Free? 
YES!! it is! 
let's recap, On Monday, I got shots from Jerry and I got shots in my back & Left wrist and left knee and back. I still have Carpel tunnel and It has been bothering me a Lot! so that's Why I got shots done, Then at Night I went to see "The Amazing Spider-Man." At Midnight! Ok. My Dad won a contest because normality we would NOT do this,like NEVER!! First off I didn't like that we had to wait while STANDING UP! for like 2 1/2 hours! And You know me and standing up! -_- There just some loud and Pushy people in line. Now onto the film Review.
                                           "The Amazing Spider-Man." 
                                                      July 3th 2012
First off, I loved it!! We saw it in 3D and I MUST SAY! this is the best way to see it, Because It feels like he's webbing at YOU!! and you feel like you're flying, when he is. 
The story is mainly about him, it's nothing like the Other spider-man. So just Clear your head and FORGET that movie. 
Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) learns about what happened to his long lost-missing parents, exploring a relationship with his father's former partner, Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), that holds the key to this mystery Death. 
Peter is in high school and takes photos around the School and He doesn't fit in, it seems Like he Likes this Blonde haired girl, Gwen Stacy. 
He lives with His Aunt May and Uncle Ben then when he finds mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father,
He starts to find out more about his father and goes to Oscorp and Then get bitten by a spider and becomes Spider-Man then when Uncle ben dies he's on a mission to find his KILLER! and as he helps Dr Connors, he somehow becomes The Lizard, Peter will make life-altering choices to use his POWERS! and makes his own webs and makes his suit and Also getting closer to Gwen Stacy at the same time who's father is a NYPD chief and is looking for spider-man. I won't spoil anything else! because If I do, I will RUIN it for you! but if you do watch, DO NOT LEAVE! Because there's a post-credits scene at the end! they show the names and then BOOM there Is the extra part!  

                                                          THE END! 
                                                           GO SEE IT!! 

And Tuesday! I just babysat My cousins and was at home and it's My brother's Birthday! he's turned 20!! and we went out to dinner and I filmed FAQ video.  

You can watch it,Here!! CLICK ME!!
also I slept Really GOOD!! and I woke up Late!! but it was Really good! to sleep so WELL! :) 
And Today We are at My grandma's house, having a Family BBQ!! it's just SO HOT!! 
God Bless! :) 




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