Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm BACK!! & 21 years!

Hello, Everyone!! :)

I'm BACK!! :D and I'm turned 21! on June 9th... I feel Old, yes. But I'm Happy Because even though I have been sick for about 8 years now.. & I still have A LOT of trouble with trusting anyone. Some days I just feel like a Child. Even though I want to Live on faith I still can't. It takes time. Recently My Dad shared something with me.  As a young woman, I sometimes tend to FREAK out over some guys. Well, My Dad said he thought I liked "This one Guy" TOO MUCH! I was a bit Upset. When a Friend pointed out something. She said Well, your Dad just thinks "NO ONE" is good enough for you.
Later I was thinking about it and I stopped working on what I was Doing.. And I said Out LOUD! "She's RIGHT!!!" Sometimes God and Parents have to point things out even if I am 21.. today. Growing up is FUN! Even if you get upset about it.. Think first.. NO ONE should tell me what to do!!! Ha~because I'm 21!! WRONG!! :( Just Remember that...ALWAYS!!

How have I been??..well, I'm Good. Just Been Busy with My Project. I will reveal it all SOON! I hope. Just some people know.. Like Family. because what I am doing is so hard for a person like me who's in Pain So You will be SHOCKED! kinda of..
Today went well! Friday I went to go See "Snow White and The Huntsman." I LOVE IT!!! I know a Lot of people said, it wasn't that Good in reviews BUT  Most of the time, I don't Listen to reviews, since if anything is clean Most people don't like. It's Kinda Clean. Just when The queen Is losing Power, they show it.
GO see it! It's a LITTLE like "Lord of The Rings!" That I love so Much!! to Me, it was Really Good. I would Buy it!!
My Family & I also came back from Vacation, where we went to The Beach for my Birthday & My Parents anniversary too! since I was born one year later... And On the same DAY!
Sunday was My Party! and it was Fun, My cake was SO GOOD!
I got a Hello Kitty Mug & Gift cards to Target and Itunes & a new camera from My Parents & money. God Blessed me again.
Monday, I couldn't sleep all Last night! Then I went to go get my Shots from Jerry today. one if each knee and my lower back & hips.. It's Just so hot here lately!! I mean. I'm already in pain and this heat is making so upset.. It's the highest so far this summer. 102!! anyway, I better go! I just want to Make a Post! and Promise you. I am back! Just still Busy and stuff.. But I'll get use to it.. But Now I need a Nap.. I haven't been able to sleep good at all! and now that the sun is setting, It's cooler. :)
God Bless!


                                         Best Quote of the day!
Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.
                                                ~ David Starr Jordan


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