Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Carpal what?

How has Your week Been?? 
I went to Jerry's Last Monday, and I was talking to him about This Bad hand/wrist pain and how it has been Hurting a lot and He was touching it (as I was crying!!) and Seems I have carpal Tunnel in both arms/hands.  
what the what is Carpal Tunnel?
what is it?
Carpal tunnel syndrome typically starts gradually with a vague aching in your wrist that can extend to your hand or forearm.
What are the Symptoms
Tingling or numbness in your fingers or hand, especially your thumb and index, middle or ring fingers, but not your little finger. This sensation often occurs while holding a steering wheel, phone or newspaper or upon awakening. Many people "shake out" their hands to try to relieve their symptoms. As the disorder progresses, the numb feeling may become constant.
Pain radiating or extending from your wrist up your arm to your shoulder or down into your palm or fingers, especially after forceful or repetitive use. This usually occurs on the palm side of your forearm.
A sense of weakness in your hands and a tendency to drop objects.
Why do You causes it? 
Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs as a result of compression of the median nerve. The median nerve runs from your forearm through a passageway in your wrist (carpal tunnel) to your hand. It provides sensation to the palm side of your thumb and fingers, with the exception of your little finger. It also provides nerve signals to move the muscles around the base of your thumb (motor function).
In general, anything that crowds, irritates or compresses the median nerve in the carpal tunnel space can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. For example, a wrist fracture can narrow the carpal tunnel and irritate the nerve, as can the swelling and inflammation resulting from rheumatoid arthritis.
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That's why, I can't really write to much.. Not to much has been happening Besides not being able to sleep. 

on Friday! Dad took Mom & me to go See "Brave" Yesterday.. I cried like a Baby. Good Thing Mom was Right next to me. In the Movie "Her Mom and Her go though stuff (she changes into something!) I wanted to see it. because the Girl, acted like me.. She changed after going Though all That. It was Really good. 
Then on Saturday, we went to a Watermelon Festival here in Texas. It was fun! we took my Little cousin with Us and Stopped at Bu-ee's so that was fun. We got watermelons for sure! and it was just hard for me, because I had to sit down for so long! and then My Dad wanted to go some else & I was very tired.. But It was all good. 
It's just tough for me.. because of all My stiffness down to My bones and Muscles Only disease that does that to my body is fibromyalgia,  It just seems Like My  fibromyalgia acting Up more. 
also I have been looking up stuff and asking some people about what they use to fall asleep With fibromyalgia. Put all the stuff together for "Sleeping with fibromyalgia post" so if You have any ways You fall asleep and want to Share with us! Just comment! 
Because sleeping for me.. is very TOUGH! But I have found one that Helps. I have This app on my ipod and It's called "White noise" And has all types of sounds And I love it Because I'm listening to the waves on the beach and I fall asleep. It works for me. 
Big news before I GO! I'm starting a New Fashion Blog! called "Fashion Love by Pam." 
It will be more about Fashion and outfit of the days by me and there will be a Ask Pam area so You can ask me Fashion Questions Or hair or Make up Questions. 

God Bless! 
XOXO Pam <3 

PS! Spain WON!! is In the Euro FINAL! :) WHOO Hoo!!  

                                                 MY PICS!


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  1. Hi Pam!! I will be praying for your wrists and that you can sleep well. Your bravery inspires me so much.

    I look forward to the fashion blog!!!!

    <3 KB


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