Thursday, May 3, 2012

Challenge 5 & SHOT May DAY!!

Ekphrasis Post. Go to and write a post inspired by the image. Can you link it to your health focus? Don’t forget to post the image!

Why do I like this Photo? Because I love the Beach and it takes me away! and Makes me feel better.. I think of it when I get my shots.. and Take my Anakinra shot, That I take Daily.
It also shows How God.. Made the Earth! and the sun and the water!
how we have to have faith! that be will God will Help and heal us! even if it looks grim.. That Photo shows me to Keep the Faith!!

Yesterday I went to get my Trigger shots from Jerry, all on my Left side. My Knee and my hips and my Lower back and top of my neck. It's been 4 weeks since I have gotten My Last trigger shots. I was trying to go with out them But NO!!! it's too humid here in Texas!!
I helped mom with My Baby cousins just for a bit!! then I went to take a nap.. my shots made me very tired!

There is also a contest, I enter it's for the best shoes with a Outfit and how Theses shoes are like YOU! so I entered! I need people to vote for me! can You please vote for me, If you have account on Chictopia!                                                          

                                        VOTE FOR ME HERE!!

                                    "Quotes of the Day!"

"The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work."
~ Mark Twain

"Often the difference between a successful man and a failure is not one's better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on his ideas, to take a calculated risk, and to act." ~ Maxwell Maltz

                                                  Keep the FAITH! 
                                                  God Loves you! 

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