Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Challenge 4th and It's MAY 1st!!

"I write about my health because… Reflect on why you write about your health for 15-20 minutes without stopping."

I write About Health Because, when I was 13, I started getting Pain is my Back.. And My Life changed! I had Planned to be a Chef or Something in Fashion, to Things, I LOVE! I Haven't given up on either. I still Cook sometimes! and I love to shop and write Fashion Articles! but I will always Love Health!! It's just stuff I know! About all The diseases, I have! and if someone I know, If getting a Test done the first person they Call is me! 
And I also feel Like a Person should be able to Find out any Info they want to about your health and able to Talk to other who have the same diseases. 
Not Only That In My family we all have a Lot of Health Things going on so Since I was Young I have been into Health, when I was a Kid I wanted to be a Dr now That has Changed But still! I found out how much work it is! so I really respect Anyone who is in the health world Because It's a lot of Hard work! 
Even if I do start a Another Blog, This Blog will Never Go anywhere! Because Heath has a Special Place In My heart always! 

I know,a lot of Bloggers are done with the Challenge But not me! I missed like 9 days because I was sick.. I will be posting all of them day By day till! I'm trying not to Confuse anyone!
I had a Test today. My Ultrasound. It was Good and I had to drink a lot of WATER! 32 oz plus MORE! all day, I have felt like I wanted to Upchuck all day and it's Mxth day! i'm super tired! :( 

                                                       Keep the FAITH! 

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