Saturday, April 21, 2012

Challenge 20.. and Update?

Miracle Cure. Write a news-style article on a miracle cure. What’s the cure? How do you get the cure? Be sure to include a disclaimer :)

                  WE FOUND A CURE!! 
                         for Arthritis PAIN! 

we found a cure for Arthritis pain, anywhere in the BODY! it's not a cure for Arthritis! but a way to take care of a Symptom that Most people who have Arthritis don't like!! It's the worst Pain you will ever have in your life!! Next to having a Child!! But Finally! we found a way to get rid of the PAIN! it's a drug developed by a upstart company from sweden, the drug's name is Avactor.
at the press conference, johan Axelsson, CEO, said that "pain sufferers will finally be able to have a cheap but effective drug that efficiently takes care of the Arthritis/bone pain in a once a Week SHOT!

DISCLAIMER! this is FAKE! and not REAL! it's a Challenge! :D

This was hard for because I feel like This cure won't come! BUT! we need to have Faith, Right?? Because You never know, God can change anything!!

                                          How, Have I Been? 
I had a day in BED ALL DAY! I must Share with you, that I'm writing a lot right now. Because I feel God is helping write Something, so If You could help me with That! I would Love that! Send some prayers for me! and I'll pray for you TOO! just post on comment or Twitter.. or EMAIL!
anyway! so I have been writing a lot ALL WEEK! and so My hands and everything fell apart last night! So I was resting all day today and this morning, I Put Icy hot patches all over my hands! with TAPE! a pic it's down below.
But yeah and today I did go out for a bit.. then I came home and wrote this! it's now almost 2:00!! and I better go because I have a LOT stuff tomorrow!!!

                                          Best Quote of the DAY! 
"Pure love and suspicion cannot dwell together, at the door where the latter enters, the former makes its exit."
~ Alexandre Dumas Pèr

My hand cover with Icy hot patches! 

                                     I want to go on THIS!

KEEP THE FAITH! and Happy Weekend! 
God Bless! 

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