Friday, April 20, 2012

Challenge 19 & Cute Dogs??

5 Dinner Guests. Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or deceased) and why?

5. My Mom Brenda. Why? Because is one the People I call My Hero! And has beaten Kidney cancer and she's just a wonderful person! :)

4. Jane Austin.. I'm NUTS for her books and they way she writes!

3. Anne Freak. Because she was just a Normal girl, But she went though so much! and I would just love to sit down and chat With her!

2. Mary, Jesus Mom. I want to ask her so much stuff! and ask her It felt to have a Son unlike any another!

1. GOD! Because I love him so much and have so much stuff to ask him!

I know, don't laugh.. Theses are the people I look up and Would love to Meet and get to know better!

  PS we would Probably eat tons and tons of home made Mexican FOOD!!

I have been having flare ups and flare ups! but I can't get my shots! because I can't take to much trigger shots.. Says My Rhumy and SO SORRY! I have been missing posts. Just I'm moving stuff around in my room. Or More like MY BROTHERS are! and I'm busying working on a Secret Project! :P SHHH!!! and Friday, My family will be busy! so I'll have tons of pics later!! We can FIGHT the PAIN!! :D

                                          MUST WATCH!! 
                              Video of CUTE! Dogs! in Cute Clothes!
 in Japan At a dog outdoor party! CUTE! There are so many dogs that look like Paco.
                                                        FAV VIDEO! 
Man,theses Dogs Dress SO GOOD TOO!!

                                              KEEP THE FAITH!

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