Friday, April 13, 2012

Challenge 13!! And 10 Things, I can't Live With Out?!

    "Wego Health Challenge of The Day! for 30 days,13th Challenge! 

"10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without." Write a list of the 10 things you need (or love) most!! 
  1. GOD! Because He's My King and I believe He died for My Sins and Rose again!
  2. Family. Parents, brothers and Grandparents and cousins! I Just can't Be without them, even Though we get on each Nerves. Your always There for me! I know You all so MUCH! I couldn't fight this without you! 
  3. Medicines. Because I need my Medicines! 
  4. Friends. I couldn't Fight This out you! 
  5. Bible, Because It keeps me in Line and what I should do With My Life
  6. internet! For My Readers and BLOGGING! DUH! :P 
  7. Sweat suit Outfit in Purple!!! I always Wear these.. They aren't tight and don't hurt! I love Old Navy sweat Pants. 
  8. Pair of Flat Shoes. AL I Wear Our Flats! :) 
  9. my Ipod. for almost Everything! LOL !
  10. Last My BLOG! I have Grown to MUCH! and Learning so much from My Fellow Bloggers and From Readers. With Out this Blog, I wouldn't have DONE IT!Wednesday, My Grandfather had a Heart Test Done and It was ALL DAY! and my Body Didn't not HEAL! on Thursday, I slept till Noon! then I Woke up late But I Did Get My blood Out and My X-rays and On Friday, I had a SUPER Busy day! 

                                         Bible Verses Of The DAY! 

“But are there not with you, even with you, sins against the Lord your God?” ~ 2 Chronicles 28:10

“He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.” ~1 Peter 2:24

                                        Keep The FAITH! 
                                    And Keep FIGHTING! 
                                                God Bless! 

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