Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stressed out in PAIN!!

Lately, I have been under a Lot of Stress!!! I mean, More the Normal? Lol..
Just SO much has been happening!! I was Fighting with My Primary insurance and my Other insurance and My Pharmacy. so thus, I couldn't get my PAIN,and MAIN medicine out of the Pharmacy, This all had to Happen on a FRIDAY!!

I was SO upset!! Because I had to go without it all weekend! ok. Friday Night, My Grandfather, on my Mom's side. It was his Birthday! :) and It was so much fun! I was just in pain.. But I tired to keep a Happy Face! Then Saturday I had a packed day with Family and I mean,Toda Mi Familia!! With My Little cousin's FIRST Soccer game! Then I had another little cousin's Birthday party right after the game. Same side of My Family. It was so much Fun! and we had a Pizza PARTY!! It was so much fun! so My one of My little cousins were here for the Weekend. I was pretty, Tired. so I fell asleep early and then I couldn't sleep. so I woke up very early!! at like 5:00 on a Sunday! LOL!
Sunday was good. I was in a Really Mood Because the pain was so much! even If I did have ALL my pain stuff, My Tens,my other pain meds that do NOTHING!! Opana ER, you are a GOD SENT! FOR REAL!! ( the name of my pain medicine) I was in Sunday school Room that Sunday. I was really Happy when Monday Came Because I really wanted My PAIN medicine. This changed my whole weekend, I was just planning to have a Good weekend and go on my way.. (Happy singing) NOT!!
Monday Came and I had a out burst.. that just means, even more I'm a REAL person! and I couldn't stop crying because I was in so much pain!!! my Mom was on the phone with a lot of people... and finally at 6:00 PM. I GOT MY PAIN MEDICINE!! and My shots (Anakinra) are now at a Pharmacy Here in my city, Before I had to get them shipped out to me! So Happy! :D I just got them today. I feel Better. I'm still feeling the pain a lot.. and Rain and COLD is coming into town.. AHH!!!! -_-!! I just want to post for today. I'm kinda Feeling just super Stressed from so much lately, going to keep FIGHTING! we can do this!
Now for CUTE PICS!! but Before that!
OK. there is something I MUST SAY!!

GFC ( google friend Connect) is going AWAY!! I know.. so Please follow me by blogloven' I love it because if you follow all your blog though this every night it sends you a Daily list of the ALL the blogs you follow. I love it! so Much EASIER! no spam too Or follow by Email.

Off to go to Bed or rest.. Because This PAIN! no MAS!!

Keep the FAITH! ,Pamela Aka FaithGirl 

Have a Awesome Week!!

                    this was me two times on Monday, From pain and happiness!

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