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Still's Disease FACTS!

Still's Disease FACTS!

Easy and Quick list of What you need to know about Still's Disease! if You just Got Diagnosed with Still's Disease.

What is it?? 
It's Autoimmune disease but Still's is also a Rare Disease and inflammation disease. 

Other Names. 
Still's disease. Adult Onset Still’s Disease. (AOSD) Wissler-Fanconi syndrome.

The Acute Phase.
It comes on fast..The acute phase describes the severe, relatively short lived set of symptoms that ususally appear at the onset of the disease. This phase lasts from two to four weeks, but may extend as long as a couple of months.

The Long Term chronic phase of the illness. Aka for the rest of Your life. 
It comes on fast also and some times stops for about 6 months or more. Then Out of no where comes back and come back and Fourth. 


 Sore Throat, The illness usually starts with a sore throat that is similar in sensation and intensity to an average winter cold But when You go to the Dr they say It's fine and that is Looks normal. 

Joint Pain, Inflammation and pain during the acute phase may strike any joint in the body, but is most common in the knees, ankles and wrists

 high spiking fever 
over 101.0 mostly at night.

 The red or pink rash 
is usually splotchy, slightly raised and fairly localized. The most peculiar thing about the rash is that it often appears without warning in a varitety of positions. I get Mine anywhere!!

Rheumatoid factor and ANA test 
will be negative on your blood work, most of the time. 

Swollen lymph nodes.
Because it comes with Most autoimmune diseases and sometimes You neck will Look fat But it's not it's just Swollen. 

inflammation of tissues, and organs. 
It's like your whole body is Swollen or just one organ gets Swollen out of no where. 

  Weight lost out of No where
most of the time it's fast. 

     what Age does Still's Disease start? 
There is so Much Up in the air! some people say That Still's disease starts when You hit puberty but then other say it starts at 18 all the way though 40 so It can start at anytime!!

Flair ups
come and go.. In Months most of the time or even Weeks But some Blessed people get them in years!l like every 5 years. It's rare.. also. 

Is still's Disease Rare? 
Fewer than 1 out of 100,000 people develop adult Still's disease each year. It affects women more often than men so yes, You are RARE!! it's on the Rare disease list. 

Awesome LINKS!!
for still's disease!! 

I have a Awesome Site for all the Still's diseases Newbies.
It's a GOD SENT!! The owner who is awesome!!  Letting me use some of his research and links. Thank you so much CB.

I Hope this helps You and I will have a Medicine list for Still's Disease up soon! 
Keep The Faith
-Pamela Aka FaithGirl

Remember I'm not a DOCTOR! or anything like that! I just want help people who have still's disease also because it's so rare and there is not a lot of info on it.
Thank You and God Bless!<3 

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