Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rainy and Painful!


Thank You for all the Nice and Sweet comments and tweets.. Love My Friends and Supporters. Y'all are the BEST!!
I just got my shots this past Wednesday from the Pharmacy.
I'm fighting something Called "I don't want to Take my SHOT!!!"
because It's so Painful and I don't want to do it. I become Weak when It's time to take it. My Mom has Been a Blessing and Helping me put the shot in.. It's Not that I don't want to Do my shot, It's Just it hurts so much! I know, I'm a cry baby, I have to go Do My anakinra Shot once a day.. if I don't take my shot. I get a lot of pain more the normal and I start having trouble with almost everything so you can tell. My Body needs that shot! that's what I'm telling myself, That I can fight THIS!! i'm just having a weak spot for shots right now. if anyone has tips to Help with Shots please Tell me!! 
I really wanted to go to a Arthritis conference, That was in Texas, (My State) this Past Friday. I couldn't go!! First, I found Out Late!! and second It was the same time as some stuff as my family had planned!! it just didn't work out, But I know some friends of Mine went and I really wanted to go because I want to meet them for the First time.. but it didn't work out so I hope next time I can. I guess, sometimes You can choose what theses Disease take from You But I'm Very Blessed I made some Friends who Know what I'm going though and Helped me along this LONG road!! 
I got something in the Mail!! AHHH!! it was a BOX!! but from WHO?? 
It's INFLUENSTER!! I love you.. Your wonderful! and I get Free Stuff.. Yes, I SAID IT!! The More stuff you do on there Site, the More stuff you get!! :) YAY!! a lot of people got theses too.. I thought I was the only one.. -_- But OH WELL!!  influenster!! so join and You get it too.. I'm not a AD!! just me SAYING!! and telling you.. Yor don't have too join.. But YOU SHOULD!! because it's AWESOME!! they mostly have girly stuff.. so Sorry GUYS!!
 Girls ONLY! 
(Next Post will be a HAUL!)

Arthritis Links of The week!!

If you live in the UK, you should read her story, if not read it anyway!

RA is treatment is behind.. even now!

       I know, It's LATE! but this is my Favorite Oscar Dress of the night. 

(Jessica Chastain)
I just Like the pattern and the Design of it and this One! my Top two Dresses. two that I would Wear!! 

(Michelle Williams)
I love the WHOLE Thing, Just The way, It flows and I'm a crazy person for details and Ruffles!! I just wish, I could wear something like this, But I wear it with a Jacket since, I'm always cold. Lol. 
What do You think,Fashionistas?? 

This coming week My cousins are here for Spring Break and It's going to be Humid,rainy and Cold all WEEK!! I KNOW!! I will be pain and Numb all week. so Please don't get Upset if I don't blog to much! This is The END of Winter and it's just want to Fight with ME!! and I'll WIN anyway, winter!! Lol.. 

Keep the Faith!! 
- Pamela 

how I'm feeling lately! 


I saw this, When I was crying because I didn't want to take my shot ad Then I prayed and I felt to much Better! and I took my shot. Because I was in the Middle of My Storm. 

so TRUE! 

ALWAYS try to be kind even how grumpy and painful You feel. 

This is Me when My hair is all Gross looking! 

ALWAYS!! we can Fight this! 

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