Friday, February 17, 2012

Unreal week!!

Saturday was my Mom's BIRTHDAY!! YAY! she turned 23 again.. HEHE!! Oh I love her! so MUCH! we went out with family and did a Cake for her. It was so much Fun, But I was In pain that night because it was SO COLD!! so I took Pics but Not as Many as I wanted too! Normally, I go crazy with Photo snapping! and I'll post them below! LOVE YOU MOMMY!! Mama! <3 *HUGS*

On Monday I saw Jerry just to get My Normal Lower back trigger shots and saw a skin dr.. he said My foot is healing well, and It's not a Lupus lesion. So he says SO we will SEE!

My Valentines Day was AWESOME!!
My Parents give me roses and so did My Little Brother and My Other Little Brother got a heart Jewry Box. It''s so CUTE! and Paco gave me a Card and I got cards and Candy. My Mom dropped By My Grandparents and a Friend of Our's. It was so much fun!!! and Then we stayed Home and Had Banana Splits.. mine had no Banana. so 

Wednesday was CRAZY!!
wow.. I haven't had such a Crazy day in a long time.
I was in pain in my back of my neck and collar bone, all night and Morning, I finally fell asleep from Exhaustion Then when I was awake... I was in a bad mood and grumpy to everyone, Mom said, well Let's go see Bob again, I had Just gotten shots in My Back on Monday.. I said Ok.. He put shots in my neck and I was super tight in that area.. and My shoulder was hurting a bit too.. ever since, I can Remember I can Pop My shoulder out and In Place.. I thought It was Normal. Then Jerry was Looking at it yesterday and Said, how Long has Your Shoulder been able to do That??? A while, I said. He's Like O_O!!
NOTE* Your shoulder shouldn't DO THAT!! and to me, it hurts more Only if I pop in and Out... and When I write with a Pen.. it starts to hurt within 5 mins.. *
I had to see my Rhumy, Because of that so he could know what was going on, So I saw Him and he wants me to see someone else for My shoulder soon.  and I didn't get Out will almost 4:30.. But the waiting was long.. But It was Worth it.
Then I came home And slept Then woke at like 2 Am,  then AGAIN! Fell asleep from Exhausted and Now I'm writing this... It's Thursday Night and I'm cutting Coupons..and I'm taking forever to POST THIS!! my posts never seem perfect enough for you all to READ! Well, to me! I was going to Post this and it was 1:00 am so I just went to bed.. And My Foot was FINE! and I finally fell asleep at around 3:00 am..
It's Friday Morning! and it's 9:30 But I have been up since 5:30... And I'm going to post this right now. But!! before I do, That Skin Dr Gave me some Cream and I put it on last night and I woke up with this Burning pain in my FOOT! and That cream Made it a LOT worse! so I'm going to call him or go over there soon and talk to this Dumb MAN! So UPSET! my Foot is hurting so BAD! :( anyway! BTW! I may be doing something awesome tonight BUT! I'm not sure, because of my foot... Just pray it gets better.

something I'm trying to a Spotlight on Arthritis News, I didn't even know about some of It. I wanted to post about it so You all Know what's going on!! 

This New Study came Out online in the "February 2012 Arthritis & Rheumatism" 
Used Medicaid data from 2000-2005 and identified 7,812 children with juvenile arthritis. Two other groups were used for comparison; they had asthma and ADHD rather than juvenile arthritis. Researchers categorized patients as having "ever" or "never" been treated with methotrexate or TNF blockers. Then they classified incident malignancies as "possible", "probable", or "highly probable".While the higher rate of cancer for kids with juvenile arthritis seems not to be related to treatment, larger scale and longer term studies would help confirm these conclusions. 
Basically it says The rate of cancer is 4 times higher in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis compared to kids without the disease. While the primary suspect might seem like it would be treatment with TNF blockers, researchers reported that the increased rate of cancer appeared not to be linked to treatment.  Click me to read about the Study!   Info from and 

“This is dire,” said Valerie Jensen, associate director of the Food and Drug Administration’s drug shortages program. “Supplies are just not meeting demand.”
 Developed in the 1940s, methotrexate is one of the most commonly prescribed rheumatoid arthritis drugs. It's also prescribed for lupus and other autoimmune conditions, and in an injectable, preservative-free version, methotrexate is used to treat acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a type of cancer most often seen in young children. But following the suspension of manufacturing by one of the country's largest suppliers of preservative-free methotrexate, both patients and health care advocates are up in arms about a potential shortage.
The drug is methotrexate, and the cancer it treats is known as acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or A.L.L., which most often strikes children ages 2 to 5. It is an unusually virulent cancer of white blood cells that are overproduced in bone marrow and invade other parts of the body. 
The cancer commonly spreads to the lining of the spine and brain, and oncologists prevent this by injecting large quantities of preservative-free methotrexate directly into the spinal fluid. The preservative can cause paralysis when injected into the spinal column, so cannot be used for this disease. 
"Methotrexate is also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis." 
Since November, methotrexate supplies have continued to shrink. "This is a crisis that I hope the FDA's hard work can help to avert," says American Society of Clinical Oncology President. I'm not sure, If It's the Shots or Pills. 

It sounds Like the shots to me and Not Many of us that have RA take shots of Methotrexate anymore. most of us, Take PILLS! Because we can't have to much of it...  

Five Myths about Arthritis! 
     CLICK ME!  
    info from ABC News

I better go... Because rain is coming this morning and My Pain is getting worse.. And I'm crying Off and on.. 
HAPPY Presidents Day!!

-Pamela AKA FaithGirl

  PICS of My Life! 

My Mom's CAKE! 


"one more,one more,no MORE,one more"!! :D

 Valentines Day cake, we had at Church! it's so PRETTY! 

Roses, I got! 

Everything I got! 

Roses and I! 



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