Thursday, February 9, 2012



I'm sick again.. and Not from My Normal illnesses,But from a Sinus infection! I KNOW! *Shocked Face* no, I know you not Really Shocked... Because I wasn't EITHER! I haven't Been Posting Like I want But I will keep TRYING! it's just hard with a lot that I have going on and i'm going to be see more Dr's this month.. I have been putting it off for Months, and finally My Rhumy told me, You have to see a optometrist and a gastroenterologist.. so I must, Listen Or Mom will tell him, I haven't gone yet!!
Yesterday, I saw a PA, since My Main Dr was Booked. He was ok... told me I had a Sinus Infection and Treated me Like I was a Newbie to the Doctors.. SO Many Dr's treat me like this, Just not My Rhumy or Jerry. I guess, they are More like Uncles to.
I saw My Foot Dr in the Morning, Because That Thing on the Side of My foot. well,it's Not healing very well. I'm seeing a Skin Dr next week. I'll make sure, to keep up all updated.
Today Has been a another Long day.. It started off Rough but Ended Well.. And I didn't get My trigger shots This week!! I know.. so Proud My Shout out to JERRY! who I forgot to tell.. I wasn't going. Oops.. (The Person Who Does my Shots) anyway.. so the Super bowl was This past Sunday.. Wow.. I was rooting for the team who Lost! I KNOW!! Oh well! we can't always be winners in Sports. at Church we has a Cake.. and it was a Super Bowl cake.. I KNOW! SO CUTE! *down THERE!* I'll see y'all later. i'm going to try to go to sleep, But if I can't sleep. I'll just get on Facebook and play games! HEHE!!
Have a wonderful day tomorrow or day!!
also, Thank you for Read my Blog. It means so much to me! I'm so Proud to have a blog and I want to blog MORE!
God Bless
-Pamela aka FaithGirl


and his line is 24/7...

This is such PACO! (My Dog!)



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