Monday, February 13, 2012


My wonderful and Great readers!
so do You like to SHOP?? Y'all know, I DO!!
well, I have a friend who is just awesome. we talk on twitter and email.
Her name is YUKI!! she's The best and is a Good friend to me.. And she owns a SHOP! That is Really easy and Yuki runs it!! and she needs some new shoppers!!
I know, I have a lot readers from all OVER. Yuki is in the Asia and Australia Area! But anyone from anywhere can Order.. just telling You all.
Yuki is fair and she will match a Price if You find something she sells cheaper. How Fair is That?!?
If You want to Buy from Yuki. Click the LINK!
This not a AD! just wanted to help a friend! I'm ordering from her soon. she has a  beauty and Fashion Blog also if you want to Look at it!

                                                      Yuki's shop! 

anyway, I better go to bed.. It's so late!
I have app In the Morning!
-Pamela AKA Faith Girl

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