Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rare Disease day!

Today is Rare-Disease day!
So there is not too much on rare disease, but I found some blog posts and news articles on it.
Here's this blog post from Intech about rare disease day

 ThisAnd this post about family living with rare diseases

rare disease day websites of Europe.

rare disease day websites of America.

Children's rare disease day website.

the rare disease websites of the diseases I have, Still's disease and Sjogren's syndrome

Some days I don't like that I have a rare disease because I have never met anyone who has the same diseases. Online I have, but never in person. Believe me, I can't wait for that day.
Hope You have a wonderful March!! and had a great Leap Day!!
comes every four years and I didn't nothing big just the normal, go out for a bit then come home.

I better go, I want to do some stuff, before bed.
Have a Wonderful Night or DAY!
-Pamela AKA FaithGirl
Keep the FAITH!! and be clam! (even how tough it is!)

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