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Interview With a Dear Friend.

HELLO, Wonderful readers! 
I had the Honor a few months ago to Meet a new friend on Twitter, who also has (RA) Rheumatoid Arthritis.. her name is Charizza. she has a Twitter if You want to FOLLOW HER! her TWITTER!

How old Where You when you starting feeling sick?? and How did The pain feel at First? 
-I was 21 years old when I started experiencing excruciating pain on my right shoulder (September 2004). It was so painful that I don't want to move. This was really memorable for me because I was attending our church's youth olympics (I was supposed to dance...ended up not doing the routine.. ) I was crying while trying to get dressed for church. I remembered asking my sister to help me as I wear our team's t-shirt.

How long did it take you to get diagnosed By a Doctor?? 
- It took a while because after the shoulder incident, the pain disappeared. And then one thing happened after the other - the middle finger of my R hand began to be in pain & to swell. Then my L knee started to be in pain. I remember I was in 1 of my classes when I found out I can't seem to find a comfortable sitting position for my knee. I also remember being teased as an old lady by some of my classmates because it was difficult for me to climb up & down the stairs. I spent the holidays in pain. I finally got to see a doctor January of 2005.

How did You feel when They Told it was RA??
- Honestly, my mind began rejecting it. I can't believe that at that age I would have RA (At that time, I still didn't know that RA is different from "arthritis"). I was also afraid & I felt that my future became bleak. I also began questioning God. I remember that I used to cry and started to pity myself. I got depressed because of the limitation the disease brings. I felt that my world just crushed & all my dreams shattered right there, inside the doctor's office.

How has It Changed you? and Your Family?? 
- RA has changed me in different ways. Physically, it has limit me - my movements, the distance I can cover, the things I can/can not do. Emotionally & mentally, it helped me understand myself more; it helped me to see things in a different perspective...and to be always positive (as negative emotions tend to affect RA). Spiritually, it helped me to be more dependent on God; to live each day by faith & not by sight. Honestly, I was able to go through all of it because of God...because I'm holding on to His promises & my faith tells me that it is only through & because of Him that I am alive. I also learned to be thankful, even in the simplest things, and patient

Did you friends and family Understand That you are sick?? 
- At first they didn't. They don't understand whatever it is that's happening to me. But one thing, I'm grateful for was that these people, though they don't get it, they pray for me everyday. Whenever we see each other they ask me "How am I doing?" "is the treatment working?" - things like these make me know that they care for me and that they want me to get well. I know it will still take time for them to understand RA and I need to be more proactive in telling them about these things. 

How Did they Take it, That You are sick?
It was a big shock when my family found out about it. RA, I guess, kept my family closer. They became more supportive and attentive to my condition. I am thankful that I have a sister who happens to be a licensed PT (when I was first diagnosed, she was just taking her undergraduate course), a cousin who is an anaesthesiologist, and another cousin who is a nurse - these people helped other members to understand. I remember, an uncle even "googled" about RA and all the meds I'm taking.

was it Tough for you to find a Doctor?? because Where you Live, in The Philippines
- Thankfully for me it wasn't. When I visited the hospital that January of 2005, a friend of my mom suggested my current rheumatologist. I think for other rheum patients it would be difficult as only a few rheumatologist are available in our country and most of them are found in the private hospitals

Where do you see Yourself in 5 years?? 
- This is a tough still finding the courage to start dreaming again. Hopefully, I could start a business - I've always wanted to have a coffee shop/cafe of my own.

What's one Thing you want to Tell, Other people who are living With autoimmune disease??
- If there's one thing I would tell other people w/ autoimmune disease it would be to continue to hold on, believe, and trust God in all circumstances because He knows and cares for us.

what's one Thing That Surprised about having RA?
- I didn't know that RA, though it has turned my world upside down, would help me see things in a different perspective. It has helped me to be more thankful for every small things that I can do each day - whether it's a painful or pain-free day. 

do You just Have RA or any side Diseases??
- For autoimmune disease, yes, I just have RA. 

 Charizza Loves Music, and she Loves to play the piano and she's Learning to play The Tin whistle and she Sings in Her Church's choir. she also Loves to watch hair and make up tutorials and she's from The Philippines and she's happens Chinoy (Chinese-Filipino/Pinoy)

                          She had Her First infusion a few Weeks ago. 

my Wonderful Friend Charizza

I Hope You liked Reading My Questions and Charizza Answers. :) I'm Just Glad we met on twtter and How much, we have in Common! 

God Bless!
-Pamela AKA FaithGirl

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