Monday, February 27, 2012

Dry Lumbar tap!

I wanted to Tell y'all about something else that Happend at the ER Last Sunday That I forgot to post about!!  
They did a Lumbar spinal tap On me and My Mom,wrote her view since I can't remember much! so Please Welcome My Mom. 

"It was about four in the morning. Pam woke up Us up, (Her parents) with two words as stumbled into our  bedroom. "Mom? Dad?" She appeared incoherent, feverish, and not able to walk easily. Her parents rushed to her side. They all got dressed and did what was the obvious: took her to the Emergency Room. In minutes, they were in her Dad's truck. A few more minutes and they were at the Baptist Hospital. Later after the nurses covered Pamela because it seemed as though she couldn't stop shaking from being cold. Her fever being 101.5. Her blood pressure 140. Pamela kept saying that the light hurt her eyes and that her neck kept hurting. So they turned off the lights for her. The room was  dark. A Dr. Wyatt came in. He spoke with my parents about the tests they were going to perform. Bloodwork, urine testing, CT and a lumbar spinal tap. "Spinal tap? Is that really necessary?" Asked Pamela's Dad. "What about her arthritis?" "We're going to check everything." said the doctor. The nurse came in and started getting Pam's arm ready to take blood out. As the red fluid spiraled up the invisible tubing that ran from Pam's elbow to the tube the nurse was holding, blood suddenly spurted out and leaked out on the blanket. A red puddle collected under Pam's elbow. "Oh, my" said the nurse. "I didn't that was going to happen." Quickly dabbing the bed and floor she cleaned up the mess. "Pamela, can you do a urine test for us?" Pamela moved her lips as to answer. Her mom coaxed gently to wake up from her deep slumber. "Yes," she said answering the nurses' question. The nurse wheeled in a wheelchair for her. Pam slowly and gently moved from the hospital bed to the chair with great difficulty. After she came back, they hooked the iv bag to her pole. They hooked her to an IV bag for rehydration. And in the same line gave her some pain meds. She finally seem to stop shaking. Now she was just cold. The lights continued to bother her. The tech for the CT came in and again put Pamela in the wheelchair and wheeled her away. Her mother went everywhere with her. Her father waited for her in the room. He wasn't feeling too well. They finished with the CT and came back. Settled down for a while, Pam fell asleep. Soon the doctor came in again  and said "the blood work isn't showing anything. So we're going to continue with the lumbar." He brought in a tray and sat Pamela on the side of the bed her hands and over a tray. Her parents were holding her hands. He lifted her shirt and the nurse held it while he cleaned her back. He said, 'I am going to numb it  with lidocaine. I am going to stick a needle and draw out some liquid." He put some orange liquid and rubbed it on her back. Pam was still somewhat sleepy  and nodded answering the doctor's questions. As he inserted the needle, Pam grimaced and tried to be brave. Her mom and dad were rubbing her arms and shoulders hoping to keep her still that the doctor wouldn't accidentally make a wrong move on their daughter's spinal cord. It seemed like forever as he tried twice to take liquid out but it was only about five mintues. He managed to get a few drops just enough to send to the lab. He mention to Pam's parents that he didn't get as much because she had arthritis. "Is that normal?" They asked.  Pam had to lie still for thirty minutes or she could get a bad headache from it all. After the shift change and another bag of solution for rehydration a different doctor came in and said everything looked fine, probably viral. He said he was going to send something for nausea, Lorbatab for the pain and antibiotics.  Everyone was nice. Pam was looking much  better and rest is what she needed. That was Sunday morning and she continued to have a high fever till Thursday with a bad cough, malaise and body aches. Her lumbar puncuture continues to hurt. The results of the lumbar would take a while. They had to send it out. Glad she's better! This happen Sunday February 19th. 5am."

Thank you Mom! if You liked it, Please comment! I'm trying to get Mom to open a blog too!!
from what I saw Online,"Dry Spinal Tap" is common for people who have arthritis and also The doctor said the same thing.
This page will tell you more!!!  read,where is says "What Affects the Test"
I found this online also.  It usually means whoever was performing the lumbar puncture or "spinal tap" missed the sub-dural space where the spinal fluid is located. It may also be that the patient was dehydrated or was leaking CSF (cerebral-spinal fluid) thus making it very difficult to obtain a sample. in my case, he didn't go into the area or it was dry... But I was pretty dehydrated Because I was sick and plus I have sjogren's syndrome.. anyway, Other then that i'm ok. Just having a lot of pain in that spot. (It's going to take 3-4 weeks to heal!)
I'm not sick anymore, I just have a really bad cough and sound like a old women!!
i'm going to see my Rhumy on Thursday. and I haven't gotten my shots yet either.
it's been Humid and cold, and today it was rainy. my body has been in a lot of pain... and  I have been in bed a lot lately..
I'm think of doing a Oscar Post??? what do Y'all think?? I really liked them, yesterday. I was just sad, "The Help" didn't win to much. I loved that film But Now I really want to see "The Artist" and "Hugo" soon.

Have a Wonderful Week!
-Pamela AKA Faithgirl

Keep the FAITH!! 

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