Sunday, January 22, 2012

Update on me and infections??

Hello,Wonderful people!
So Lately, I have been doing More Health Posts, But
 also I know some of My Dear readers have been asking me, How are you,Pamela?? well, I'm GREAT!  ok.. I'm  NOT Great.. Let's start from this Past Saturday.. My Mom was making Pancakes for us, Then I felt like some pain on the side of My foot having Arthritis,, I get foot Pain all the time But it was Worse! so I looked at My foot and I had this NASTY looking thing on the side of My left foot. I'll post a Pic blow. (warning it's Gross looking)  I showed to my Parents and they were like what is that!??? I was like I don't know! so I called Jerry and he told me so Put Ice on and Not walk on it,& rest! so I'm still on bed rest, I went to Church on Sunday and I wore Flat shoes Like slip on shoes because My foot was So swollen! it didn't fit! Good Thing you can moccasins to Church when your sick. so Monday I went to See My Rhumy and he gave me antibiotics and he wasn't sure what It was, and I went to Get a X-ray also and It was clear. The rest of the Week, I was Home and in Bed. Reading and painting.  So Yesterday, Friday. Mom Made a app with Podiatrist. He Looked at My Foot and Knew what It was Right away! He said It was a Small cut or Scratch and It didn't Heal Right Aka got infected. Because Of My diseases.. he said, It's not me, It's My Body because I'm on Methotrexate and he said that is causing the Infections and making it worse! I got a band-aid cover for it and a Cream that will heal it My infection Very fast and today, It looks MUCH BETTER! and doesn't hurt that Much. SO I'm Very Happy That My New Dr Knew what It was! 
So This week has also Been Good Because I was able to Get a New Paint set! 
And some New hair stuff and a new hat. I'll Post some Pics soon.. 
Anway!  Have to go to bed! It's Late while I'm watching The Australian Open, I'm rooting for Rafael Nadal and kim clijsters. I have Church tomorrow! :) 
Have a Blessed and Wonderful Week!!! 
-Pamela AKA FaithGirl

My FOOT! This is how Nasty it Looked and it sticking out also.. GROSS! 

My little cousins Booties, They are so CUTE!!! 

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