Monday, January 30, 2012

Rainy day..


Lately I have been in pain a lot lately. I know, some days on my tweets I don't act Like it.. But some days I just want to be a 20 year old who Loves God and wants to forget i'm sick!! And today I have been in pain lately AND!! I'm dealing with Fibro allergy break out.. and more PAIN! and I want to Thank The mysterious doorstop for Letting me do a guest post and on Fashion that is My fav Thing right now, next to Writing! So tomorrow Tuesday, I go to my rhumy, just Pray for me. we need to talk about some stuff and what we are doing next. today has been a rainy and Lazy day.. Because I have been in pain all day! I should Have Blogged earlier But My fingers have been hurting a lot..
and Friday I went to The Cowboy Breakfast and It was SUPER COLD! I'm never going again.. it's Free,Tacos and all Breakfast Food The Cowboys eat. It was so GOOD and free coffee and Milk.. there were like 50,000 People there!! I love My City and It kicks off to the Rodeo here in my City. I won't say where But remember it's TEXAS! :) I only stood for a like 30 mins and My Knees were hurting but we just got the food and left. It was Fun, and I was With My Parents and My little brothers. that's mostly, why I went. OK. remember I told Y'all, I went on a day trip, two weeks ago and I got some stuff well, here it is! and I got a Late Christmas Gift from My friend Selena.. and I loved all the stuff she got me! I hope You like it! I just want this rain to go away! it's making everything hurt.. :(

Mom's flowers.. she got, they Look real!

some stickers I got at Hobby Lobby.


more stuff, I got at Hobby Lobby.

I got this In the Hill Country, I loved this store.

It's a Fan, I love it. It looks so pretty.


I love This SO MUCH! and it's so TRUE! 

My Hat, I got. 

it's so Warm!

a bag, I got!

It was the Perfect price. 

Hat from My friend Selena

socks from my friend. 

I love theses, I wore them on Friday! :) 
Hope Y'all liked it! this week, I will be doing a interview with a Dear Friend of Mine who also has RA. I can't wait! I know, y'all will love it! 
Good Night, I have to get Ready for the Dr's. 
God Bless! 
-Pamela AKA Faith Girl. 

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