Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Lights and Christmas Tree land!

Hello! to all my wonderful readers!
I missed y'all!!
Just Telling You all! This will be Like a Christmas and Photo post of what I got as gifts and different Christmas Trees I saw and Loved! I hope You all Like it!

Theses are the Christmas Trees at a Restaurant. 

The Christmas lights somewhere Near the College.

The Hotel Downtown.

The Lights at the ALAMO. 

PACO!! My Dog! 

My GIFT! Make UP!! *Happy girl!* 

Opening Gift *Rips OPEN!* 

Chihuahua calendar!! *I wanted one so BAD!* 

Paco and his stocking! 

I got a NEW CAR! #MINI! 

I got the Movie "Roman Holiday" I'm a BIG Hepburn fan! she ROCKS! 

well, we know what Paco Got! BONES! 

Paco and His Bones. he Loves the busy bones. 

The Cake we had at Church For Baby Jesus. 

My Grandma meat stuffing. 



Gift Card holder! it's so cute! 

My Brother gift card holder. 

                                               Target Gift Card!!

Another Gift card! from Itunes and Chile's. 

Sweater from my Grandma. so cute! 

    Hot Rollers, I got from My Dad and Mom. they are light for someone like me. not Heavy at all!!

                                                               My Tree!

My Pink STAR! My Fav Color! 

My coach Bag! I got for My Birthday from My Best Friend. I don't Think,I Posted pics of it. ( btw My Birthday is in June) 


I love This bag! I brought it.. :D 

Yes, it's a NYC BAG!! New York Company! 

Inside The BAG! 


My Jacket, Up CLOSE! 

All of My Gift Holders. 

Another Gift card holder. 

                                                 My Bracelets, I got for Christmas.

My New CAR!! 

My Little cousin's gizmo gremlin!! 

I Hope You had a Wonderul Christmas Eve and Day! Because I did! I was with my family and I was happy even though I was in pain.. But God helped me through those days! We went to Church on Sunday morning, it was so nice singing carols. God has Blessed me so much! and I'm very Grateful for all all Readers! And lastly I'm ready for whatever 2012 brings because I have love, joy, mercy, grace and God's forgiveness. That's all I need to get me thru it. 
God Bless! 
-Pamela AKA Faithgirl 

I can't wait! 

1 Day till it DROPS!! 


  1. Awesome pics, beautiful girl! Looks like you and Paco had a wonderful Christmas :D :D :D

    ~Adrielle :)

  2. Love the trees! You were everywhere! Thanks for posting and the encouragement. 2012 will be a blast! See you next YEAR! LOL....

  3. Yes we DID! Thank You so much, Adrielle. aww! your so sweet!
    God Bless!

  4. Thank You Anon! yes, I love the Christmas Trees too! LOL! I was trying to! My Dad took a lot of the Pics where ever he went,also. aww! Glad You liked them! Yes! 2012 will be GREAT!! :)
    God Bless!


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