Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter & Christmas GUIDE! Autoimmune STYLE!

Christmas & Winter Time is HERE!
Hi To my readers!!
it's winter and for most people It's COLD! unless your like some of my friends who live down under or in South America. It's hot there as if you don't know! and you all don't have to deal with cold winter right now!!! but y'all can use this too! for when it gets cold!!
but here! it's cold almost everywhere in America and our arthritis is hurting us a lot! and since the holidays are here... I'm here to help you!! and how to deal with everything and YES! the cold! the Holidays!

*How to stay warm!
LAYERS!! I didn't think, You could layer socks till, I did it and I wear like 3 socks now..

one shirt, two sweaters and one hoodie and one short jacket and one big coat. that's what I wear when I go out! I know a lot of you do it too! so DO IT! because it's cold! and you can't get sick!!

make sure you buy gloves, mttens and finger-less gloves. I have about 7 pairs and buying more by the day. so you can layer them and switch them out.. and make sure you wear them when you sleep also and my hands are SMALL so I can wear them even when I swell up.

buy a heated blanket! not a cheap ONE!! Don't be a CHEAPO! because remember you are turning this on at NIGHT! and I don't want NO fires for you! because I will get the BLAME!! HAHA! but for real, don't be that way with this!

*Here are some cookies That Are Easy!! I want to make some! but here's some for people like me! who are MILK Free! aka Dairy FREE! LINK! I can eat milk but I don't like to. my IBS hurts me for days so I may try these's!! tell me if You do TRY THEM! theses are GLUTEN FREE! CLICK ME!!  For Y'all That are gluten free! you will love this! read the comments also.. :) people are raving.. :)

*Holidays make up ideas for party's, Christmas day or New year's to! these Are more for Christmas! (I plan to make a New year's guide too! UNLESS something changes, *Just NEVER KNOW With me*) and they are simple and easy, I think..even if your not going out they are still nice to wear.
theses are from beauty gurus. I love and are just wonderful! and I may try theses to!

*This for Winter Skins.. most people with autoimmune diseases have dry skin already so we have even more in the winter! and It's like winter skin year around here are some ideas to help! I have been looking forever for the perfect cream, these tips from my fav beauty gurus!

*This for FASHION IDEAS!! I know, like most people You with illness you don't want to go out and shop! but most people have this stuff in their closets, and here's some ideas to mix it up and look good! and remember to dress warm! the warmer you are the better you will FEEL!!
from wonderful fashion gurus

GIFT ideas! It's hard to shop for everyone, and even more when you are sick and get tired very easily! believe me.. and you have to drag your self and your family with you! and your cart!! believe me.. I have been doing my shopping in shifts or different days so I can rest in between.
here are some ideas for gifts! CLICK ME!!

Gift Ideas for Kids!

Gift Ideas for HIM!

Gift's For HER!

and now on to YOU! make sure you take your medicines with you and get EXTRA! and if your traveling on a airplane make sure you get a note from your Dr for your medicines! so they won't freak out! 
and If you are like me and your Family asks you about your health or life keep if short and sweet! and make sure you keep track of when you take your medicines and don't forget to rest! believe me that's the NUMBER one thing I don't do when I'm with my family because I forget about and keep busy.. my Mom or Dad or brothers ask me if I had rested. make sure don't forget about resting!
and don't forget to have 
FUN!!! :D 
and have a WONDERFUL! Christmas with your family! and buy new PJ's for the morning! I did already.
to end the guide pics to get you ready for Christmas and Winter! 
-Pamela AKA FaithGirl

And I take No credit! none of this is Mine! 

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