Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Time is Here,again!

Merry Christmas, Everyone! 
The Christmas Season is Here, Again! 

This week has been Sickness, Rainy, Shopping, Cold, to well.
I say sickness because I was getting somewhat better then BAM! I got sicker, I guess?! because I felt like a ZOMBIE! for like 4 days also.. (this all last week) I don't even know How I sent emails out at during those days! 
plus It was rainy, & humid and Just Nasty Outside! then Thursday! I went shopping and It was still wet outside and we came home then It was getting very COLD! and windy! and then I CRASHED!! I slept for 16 hours.. says my twitter account. I love how it counts everything.. :P LONG TIME!! Then Saturday, I didn't do much at All but shop a Bit with mom for her gift!!! :D and then we were at home!! and Sunday, we were at Church and we had a Church Christmas Party. It was great and fun, and I got new pair of boots from my Secret Santa.  
Monday, we had a family party for My cousin who is My Oldest Cousin. I'm so Proud of her and earlier in the Day, I had gotten My shots from, Jerry. Like at 8 am because I couldn't take the pain anymore! I was in so Much Pain!!! I got most of them in My back and one in each knee, then I was at Home all day. 
And who Knows what Tonight Holds! Have a Wonderful Tuesday! And I'm off to Enjoy My family and cousins that are here with us and I'm finally DONE with My shopping.. Good thing also because there Is a cold/wind storm is coming in to town and man, does it hurt!

I wanted to tell to you all, I hope You have a Wonderful, Marry Christmas!
and don't forget to have fun with your family and stay Warm and rest and try to be smile if You can,I know Pain doesn't stop for a Holiday. 
God Bless! - Pamela AKA FaithGirl. 

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  1. I LOVE your blog. It encourages me so much. I pray 2012 be a year of miracles for you and pain-free. KEEP WRITING, DON'T STOP FOR ANYTHING.
    Merry Christmas to you and Feliz Navidad!


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