Friday, November 4, 2011

Tiny Update

Hello, Everyone!

Oh I have Missed y'all!
this Just a Little update. I'm ok,It's Very Cold in TEXAS!
I feel everything before it happens (weather) and Sometimes even 2 weeks. lately every cold Front has come Out way! and I have been in bed! :( today was The Only day, I was Out but I kept Falling asleep everywhere and right now I'm in lot of pain.. and I had a Fun day With My Mom And Dad.
My still's has Been acting up a LOT!! and I found some more stuff online on still's I can't wait to post it sometime soon.
All My big Joints are hurting so much!! and I feel Like I'm Getting a COLD! I can now Say, WINTER IS HERE!! :P
But some how I will Cheer my self up and Feel Better.

Have a fun Weekend! God BLESS!
-Pamela AKA Faith Girl.


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  1. Oh! Feel better soon! I hate the cold weather so much! I'm always worse in the winter. I'd move somewhere warmer, but all my friends and family are here!


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