Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sickness!! But BETTER!


How are Y'all?? I have been sick!! I had a sinus infection. I know,GROSS!! I don't like to be sick like that! It's so frustration! and your all stuffy and I couldn't BREATH! But I already can't breath from my costochondritis and this makes everything a lot worse..
I have been fighting a lot Lately. no, not with anyone but with my body! this costochondritis is just a lot for me.. and this maybe a tough fight. I don't want it to be but for the past 2 1/2 weeks I have gotten shots in my ribs and sternum. I don't even feel the Needle because i'm kinda numb to it and Because It hurts SO MUCH!!
believe me.. this is tough and lately I have been trying my best not to whine but I can't HELP IT!!! jeez, It like COME ON! I'm trying get somewhat WELL! so far my fight is going in a circle!! but I believe,I will get better! 

NOW! Everyone should be proud of me because I have been running and playing soccer just not today and Yesterday because It was wet so I was trying to play soccer inside and lift weights.. (just start laughing) :P and Paco (My Dog) has been there with me and so has My brother who is right after me. (i'm the oldest) and he is so nice to be out with me in the cold! 

Two weeks ago my Family had my grandparents anniversary party. It was their 50th! and Thanksgiving was AMAZING! sorry I didn't do a Post.. I needed Off for a while,I couldn't even right. My pain has been a lot. we went out to eat with my Dad's side.. It was epic. :) and My mom's side made turkey and I saw a LOT of family! and the party was the next day since I save my energy if I go out to a big thing later that night, I didn't go shopping on black Friday. I was a little sad because I love BLACK FRIDAY! (are you kidding,me? A SALE! I'm THERE!) but I got some sales this week and heads up to shoppers this week and the next will be BETTER then black friday I hear.. But they are ONLINE! So perfect for me! :) I'm shopping a lot online.. I have my lists just need to press BUY!! :P anyway, My whole family got dressed up and my little cousins were dancing like crazy people and some of my family drove in from 12 or 16 hours away. 
Happy they did! it was all worth it and with my new pain medicine helping, I was able to dance! just for a BIT! but still!! I was SO HAPPY! and I saw a lot of my cousins, I haven't seen since I was 10! good times! 

Anyway, I better go. my hands hurt! today is Church! have a wonderful WEEK! make sure you come back soon because I WILL have a Winter blog post! :D that will be EPIC!! God Bless! 
-Pamela AKA FaithGirl

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