Saturday, November 19, 2011

Much has Happened!


OMGH!! so Much has Happened!
I was in the ER!! On Friday.. This was My First time at the ER in a Long time..since I was 16!! I'm now 2-0..
The Dr was Nice, he even Said Don't Know a Lot about RA or fibro or any of My diseases and His Nurses asked me what is still's disease?? And There Am I telling them. Lol.. (Funny to me) I was There for a while and They did some tests and They sent me home.
I went Saturday and Sunday in Pain! But I was With my family But I felt really Bad. Thank Goodness I have People around me who support me.
So today I went to see Jerry and get My shots so I told Him what Happened soon as I told him, he knew what it was!! he said It's called costochondritis. I mean I have heard of It Because a Friend has it But I didn't Think That was it. But YES, It is Costochondritis.
he put a Block in My ribs. 2 shots on one side and 1 on the other. and My Normal shots in My back. My Mom Came With me.. :) My Hero. Thank you so much to JERRY!! and I was talking to a Wonderful Lady who Had RA and Fibro too. Omgh, we are like twins, It was So scary, we are alike a LOT! But I guess, most people who have RA and Fibro are alike also.
I'm trying to Rest Up, because With This Thing, You need a Lot a Rest.
I have a LOT This week, more then normal. and The Holidays begin. I LOVE THEM! But I would rather be at home, when I'm sick! BUT I will Go on! If I didn't have God, I would Be lost and It's because I was praying, Please God, show me what This Pain/breathing thing is and he DID!
Sorry This is SHORT!! But My heads Hurt and I can't sit up for a Long time.
I thought this was cute.
My little cousin Said, PAMELA! why are You always Sick?? You need to get Better! and My Other cousin Told her! she can't get BETTER!!
I felt bad Because I Can't play with them and Carry Them and I have more family coming in This week. My Cousins have a Lot of Kids who are under 10 and There like 6 kids Under 5!!
But they help me Keep The faith!!
and I'm going to the Rheumy on Wednesday, I Will Make a Post If It's anything BIG!

Have a Wonderful HOLIDAY!! Or If your Not from America, a Wonderful week!
God Bless!
-Pamela AKA Faith Girl


Paco PICS!!

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  1. You are too cool to have pain, Miss Pamela. Get better soon! Don't want you to miss out on any turkey. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for giving of yourself on your blog. Its the best. from another bud in pain!


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