Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday and this coming Month!

Hi, Everyone!

I have been having SO many flare up's lately.. SO please bare with me!! I'm trying to keep up with everything!! and I didn't return some books at the library and I had TON'S off Fines.. to PAY! I was so mad at myself! so I paid them On Wednesday. I didn't want to but I did! I needed to get my books OUT!
And I went to the Dr's on wednesday also It was good. I will be trying a new Pain med soon, when I'm done with My pain patches. If I'm right, It should be in two weeks.
And I got My shots yesterday, It hurt so MUCH!! I was crying but I'm glad, I got Them, It's just this cold weather, that came In yesterday.
And today I have been in bed and I have new Pillow... I like it, It's SO Soft! I got it Yesterday. oh it's FLUFFY! And Paco has been using it like crazy!! He's loves anything Soft!! and I took some pics Paco with his New pj's I got him! :D They are SO CUTE!! and he's on the new pillow, y'all will Love them! and I'm posting on the bottom Like I always do!

what is one thing,You think makes your fibromyalgia worse?? for me! it's PAIN and one is STRESS! Oh It makes me CRAZY trying to get rid of my stress! And I have been looking for more stuff talking about stress and fibromyalgia, there like 5 of them and they are small!! not GOOD! there are some blog post by other Bloggers but they are old.. anyway, I will Be talking more fibromyalgia.. Just I Hope I have time to this coming Month!!

I haven't done anything today But Rest..and I didn't even want to See Real Madrid Play!! I feel so bad! But I will OVER COME it! Church is tomorrow and I can't wait! and I will be going! I hope!
Living on faith is sometimes tough But With God My Faith is Strong!

Love y'all have! Have a Wonderful Saturday and Sunday! :) <3 and Pain free weekend! and Please Stay Warm.
I have Been wearing My Pj's a LOT, me and Paco look like twins! :P
Keep the FAITH!
God Bless! -Pamela AKA Faithgirl <3

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