Wednesday, October 19, 2011



It's Midweek! Sorry, This Past week, I didn't Write! I was MIA!! I missed EVERYONE!! and Thank you SO much for the Comments!
I missed World Arthritis Day!! I was So Mad at Myself.. :( But I am Happy That So Many People celebrate it!! and I mean Celebrate as in Talk about and Make Blog Posts about and some Videos about it.
And You can't Pick When You get sick,I was in a LOT of Pain That Day.. I KNOW! excuses, excuses!
Haven't Been doing Much, I have Been Busy With Family and My Grandparents Party in Nov and Paco (My Comfort Dog) has been Sick lately.
Now That Winter is coming, It's Puts a Damper On everything, I do!
It's getting Really Cold, this year! I have no Idea How People, Up North do it!! I'm going to be Buying More Warm Outfits and BOOTS soon! I'm Doing Ok. I Just got My shots last week. I don't Know if I will go soon. I'm Trying not to get Them Every week! So I can do with Out them And I'm not taking My Anakinra shots right Now But I feel The same.. So they were not really Helping.
And On Sunday we had Church and My Cousins where There!! Oh I love them! They are So wonderful! And I had lunch With The family, even Though applebees Messed Up My Food and They Dropped Tea in Mom's Meal. It was good! And Monday I was Like Zombie. I was SO tired! I slept Like 12 Hours?? I miss out on SO much Stuff.
anyway Have a Wonderful Week! I love Y'all!
God Bless! *Pain free Hugs*
-Pamela AKA Faith Girl <333 :D

 This is the arthritis foundation doing the opening bell On Oct 13th. :) For world arthritis day!



  1. Applebee's? I love Applebee's! But messing up your food order? Wrong!

  2. Me to! My Grandparents Love it! we are always There! I know! I just ate it.. They were So Busy and Our Waitress Looked Like she was new.
    God Bless, Annie <3


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