Friday, October 7, 2011

Family Day!

Hi, Everyone!
I have Been sick This week with Migraines all week!! But it's Like Sinus Migraines But I'm starting to feel Better so much,on wednsday I helped Mom with dinner and It was So good, I just had to Rest for a Bit! It was Really Fun, I Hope to do It tomorrow! :) I haven't really Done Much, I was going to stop My Anakinra Shots But I need them!! So yes, they are HELPING me! Just to let y'all KNOW!!
So I was With My Cousins today. This Say Started That I over slept because I didn't fall asleep till 5AM!! Then we went to My Great-Grandfather's House and dropped Off some Muffins, we made Then we got some BBQ Burgers. So good! then we went to Little cousin's Play! It was So cute! Then we were With Them all afternoon and My Dad Took Them Home. They were So CUTE! they were singing The ABC like a MILLION times! haha! It was SO funny!
My Mom, My Brother And I went to Get Dinner. :) we had Chicken. It was So good! I ate a Lot! Then I was Playing With Paco, (My Dog) because I was Out all day!
I just wanted to Update With Y'all! and I'm still taking My Medicines and shots.
I just didn't Get My trigger shots and The weather Has been good So That helped Now the rain is coming This weekend So Monday I may end up going But I hope not!

I'm Off to Spend the Day With My Grandma And Mom. I just have to Take My shots!
and I'm making Dinner! :D  Can't wait! And My Dad's Birthday Is This Sunday!! Him and I are both 9's! And I was working on the JRApeeps Site. :)

Have a wonderful Weekend and God is Great! be HAPPY! :) and SMILE! it helps! God Bless!
-Pamela AKA Faith Girl


  1. awesome post, glad your better

  2. Thank you SO much Meeraj!! :) <3 God Bless!

  3. Sounds like good food and fun! I'm happy for you! :) I hope it keep up!

  4. @swayinginthewind It was!! Thank you! :) <3


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