Friday, September 16, 2011

Invisible Illness Week post!

Hi Everyone! 

Hope your Week is AWESOME! Sorry, I have been gone for a While!! Just been So busy lately! And in pain, of course... 
Ok, let's start!

This Week is Invisible Illness Week and I want to talk about it! 
Being young like I am  and having an Illness that feels invisible.....this is maybe.... the worst Thing, that has EVER Happened to me! 
In My life, And I have been thru some Tough stuff! But not as bad as some people, but I have been Ill Most of My life, And Most people Think, it's a cold or the flu. BUT it's NOT!! It feels like Life or death!! And it is! If you don't take Your Medicine, you get sick really quick. Very quickly, like the NEXT DAY! And maybe You have take Shots too.. Like I do! (I don't like to take mine!)
And You do Feel Special in  a way, but Like a FREAK! And you are always asking Yourself, WHY ME!??!?! Why, couldn't I get this When I'm older, Like Most people! No, I have to Get it NOW! when I'm 13 or 16 or 10 Or whatever Age you are! Maybe You Blame People Like I did! My mom, my dad, grandparents, even my dog got blamed! Only for a while.. Yes, I did do that! when I get a flare up, I don't Like to talk to anyone.........but even my friends sometimes don't understand what I have just because they don't see it. They said stuff Like, why are you always Sick?? Aren't You healthy? What's wrong with you? Don't you take some Vitamins Or something? Then you can't walk far and can't keep Up with them when you're somewhere. Believe me, I have. Let me share a cute story I Heard this week in my Dad's sermon. A grandmother had a card playing party with her friends. Her seven yr old grandson made hot tea for everybody and brought to it to them. THEY LOVED IT! They Were going On about How good it was. Finally the grandma proudly said, "how did you make it, dear?" I made it like You  grandma. Heat the water, put the teabags in and strained it." "How did you strain it?" said grandma, knowing she didn't have a strainer. "I used a flyswatter!" Everyone spit out their tea at almost the same time. "Oh, don't worry everybody. I used the old flyswatter!" This story is in honor of all the wonderful grandparents who put up with their grandchildren. I have the greatest grandparents in the world!!!! I love you all. They are really understanding of what I have. They buy me gloves and warm things to Wear during the Winter. GOD BLESS Everybody.
Have a Wonderful Weekend! :D
-Pamela AKA FaithGirl <3


  1. omg thanks for sharing the quotes, so heartwarming <33. and thank you for joining my giveaway =D

  2. aww! your welcome Lina kim! Your so sweet! I love Your Posts! <3


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