Sunday, September 4, 2011

Harsh Holiday Weekend.

Hey Everyone!

I went to The Dr's Last week! He said to let up my methotrexate From 3 pills to 5 pills, once a week and keep on with anakinra And That My IGG G Blood levels were too low, Mine is 700, when it should be 732-1685 or between there.
SO I may end Up having to get a infusion IV for a couple of weeks But Dr Huff wanted to think about it and will give me a answer soon. So I will tell, Y'all how this goes!! Just please pray for me! 
On tuesday I had a big DAY! It was SO stressful!
Then I was in a lot of pain, all week and It was just a lot, More Stress!! 
On Friday, I slept Like the Whole day, I was in a lot of pain And I used my heating pad. :) 
I have a LOT going on right now. With My health and with My Mom and brother... Health also! It's been a harsh Month for me! and It just started!! lol..

Here in Texas, we Really wanted This Hurricane! wait,That Isn't That Like a oxymoron!? Hahah! Because it has not Raining at ALL! But Finally, It rained on Last Wednesday, but it was like a Hour and it was SO LIGHT!! Every thing is Dead..I can't wait for FALL! It like sometimes rains.. we are HOPING!! :D
My next Post I want to Post about still's disease! Most people don't Know what It is and I want Y'know what it is!! and We need to get The Word OUT! and I will be Making a page for JRAPeeps on here! :)
And ALSO, I have NO IDEA! what I'm doing for Labor day. staying Home and Watching TV and writing, Is How I LIKE IT!
what are You doing for Labor Day??
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
and PAIN FREE! I hope! :)
Love Y'all! :)
God bless!
-Pamela AKA FaithGirl

Paco (My Dog) when He was 3 Months.

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