Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Always learning!

Hi, Everyone!
Letting y'all know! This will be simple and sweet. because I'm in pain, always sleepy and tried because of My Medicine.
This Past Month has not been good with My Pain Medicine and also, Pain Doctor.
On to The Story, The Pain doctor was Nice at First and she Looked Like she wanted to Help Me and She was kinda, Mad because My insurance doesn't Cover some Medicines! she's kept saying They Won't cover This or that.. and I just felt the Hope falling.. And then she said I know, and she gave one for my pain and for My IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) And The One for My IBS helped A lot! If You want the Name Tweet me or Email or Comment. 

But The Pain medicine That was a whole ANOTHER STORY! first we couldn't Find It My Mom was all Over the City and finally, she found It!! and I took it and for the first few Days it helped! I was So happy! then... I was getting Itchy Then the next day, I had so many Headaches! and That whole week! and I Kept feeling Kinda Nervous and So Moody. By Thursday Night, I felt Like a MESS! 
And Friday Was even WORSE! Because It was raining and I felt like I had No Pain Medicine! Mom went out and I called The Dr and no one answered So I left a message.. my mom came home and called the Dr too! 
The Dr Never called Me back! So Saturday came around and My Mom, didn't know what to do! Finally Mom got ahold of The Dr on Called and Told Mom to Out me BACK on My Patches. SO that's what we did! and I use the heating Pad and My tens! That was Last Weekend! and I won't be seeing her anymore!!
It was a New Thing to learn And Don't trust every Dr You meet.

Jerry thinks I should go see another one and Mom Thinks I souldn't. 
On Monday I went to get my tigger shots and It helped me A LOT More This Past week! and I saw a Immunelogist this Week also, he said My Shots and Some Of Medicines Could be making My IGG G levels Low! he wants More Blood Work this week!! 

So This Week has Been... Painful!! and somewhat HAPPY! even if It is Only Tuesday... 

haha.. But a Lot has Happened! I got a dress for formal Party, That Is in November. That will be SO much fun! 
I got My Blood Out today for My IGG G Levels and tomorrow I'm going to see My rheumatologist  and I will get My shots from Jerry also! I need a pain medicine, I hope to talk to him about that.
There is a Rain storm Near us today and it's making feel So much PAIN! It's everywhere! so I wanted to post this before I get more pain! 

also I found some news sites on facebook about pain... I was like WOW! they Have SO much Info For Women's Pain and TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) 
we need more stuff Like that! they also have facebook and twitter Pages. Don't Forget to Like and Follow them!

off to Rest tonight!! Have a WONDERFUL day! and God Bless! Y'all SO much! And Have a PAIN FREE week, I hope! :D 
-Pamela AKA FaithGirl

There is a Pic In there From Sunday On Sept 11,2011 in Paris.. so pretty! I haven't seen it anywhere, I wanted to post it and show it to y'all! 

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