Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kinda Tough!

Remember Me telling You all about My Grandma's test, well it went very well. She didn't feel NO pain! we were all SO HAPPY!
I was very grateful to God! My Lord who has taken care of everyone I know and love. He's the best!
Monday was a busy day, I was Out with My Mom and brothers and we got fruit and went to the Panaderia (bakery) to get some Cookies.. They are SO GOOD! we were at my Grandparents' house for a while. :) Oh, I love being with them! Then Tuesday I went to My other Grandparents house and we were talking with them for a WHILE! 
I feel so blessed to have both sets still.
Ok, So moving on to My HEALTH! I have had pain! but it will NOT Beat ME! and I have been getting ready for something I have to do at the end of the month. let's just say, I'm Very STRESSED still about this! And I have been getting More this Month and I haven't gotten any this week and I need it! i'm in SO much hip and back Pain.. :| and since I have been writing More, My hands have been Hurting a LOT!  
BUT I'm learning little tricks to refresh, My hands. :) And dealing with pain, and the pain in my legs.. I like Putting them high on a Pillow and Put diclofenac sodium. A topical solution and My heating pad on my back and hands and drinking tea helps the pain a LOT! I also like wearing fingerless gloves help a LOT also.. well, for me! :)  I just also Need more tips for elbow pain! 
So soon I will be taking a trip soon and yes, that means a LONG car ride! :| So I was thinking about reading My books and reread some Jane Austin books, writing and crosswords. Like I always DO!! and come up with a new slogan for JRAPeeps! I fixed the site up.. But it's not coming up SO I have been working on it but still no.. I'm not a good IT person as you can see!! My brothers help me out a LOT! 
I want to tell you all, I know I keep saying This and that I sound Like an old record.. we can't give up in this fight! and we are together! I Know, I have been so busy With My own health, but I'm here to help with anything! to talk, email, tweet, IM,  CALL! I know, This fight is maybe the hardest thing, I have ever fought for.. and I'm fighting for my LIFE!! and My Soul! to keep going because I want to live and this not the end of ME! or US!! FIGHTERS! with our health, our lives, family and LIFE! God is there for me! I Know, because this morning I went to the grocery store with Mom.. and it takes us about 2 hours to get everything and I took a deep breath and I said "God, I can do this! Just help me Out, ok? and HE DID! I was FINE!! I had pain but not that much!  felt so good he helped me! :) 
He's My lord because I know, He can HELP with ANYTHING! and he does! 
I'm putting My Trust In Him this month and he will Help me!! even if I am worried about so much stuff! 
ok, So I Better Go this already to LONG!
I Just made some Amazing French Toast. It looks SO GOOD! I'll Post some pics soon! 
Ok. Have a AWESOME weekend!  
God Bless! I have Church on Sunday! M
-Pamela AKA the Faithgirl
XOX God Bless! 


  1. Keep fighting it girl! It's not easy, but if we don't have any fight in us what is left?

  2. Thank you SO MUCH!!
    I know what You mean.. But I'll Keep fighting, even If God has to Fight for me!!
    XOXO, God Bless!


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