Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Been Awhile!

Hello Everyone!
I'm going to be honest and straightforward with everyone, I have been in a Lot of people lately and It has Stopped me from Blogging! :|
I have Been dealing with It and it's just a Lot for me!!! it's Stressful and Painfull for me! And plus My Grandmother is Having a test Done at the End of the week and I'm worried about her! :| we are a just alike!! I can't lose her! so Please Pray for her! :) and My Dr Put Me back on Methotrexate to Help The Anakinra And I'm still Taking It I know It's late! I just haven't felt Myself and I'm getting ready for some Really Stressful Things at The End of The month!
Also if You have seen The New Photo on the right side On the top, It says," I'm Blogging for Invisible illness awareness week" Sept 13-19.. well, I got it Off The  page for it! and I'm Blogging for it! I emailed them, But I haven't gotten anything back! I'll try again Maybe It will get to them then. OK.

But With This Pain I will NEVER give up! and I always love God! :)

SO Did Y'all Like Saturday's Post?? well, I DID!! :D
I ad So much This Past Weekend, watching "I love Lucy" And I went to a Family party, It was Fun.
Also I have been in a Lot of Pain.. :( lately, I don't Know why!! Maybe It's Because I was sick last Week? Or because I'm stressing Out a Little Bit? Who Knows!?!? And It could be also,  because I haven't Been panting. and I use that as a Outlet for Stress!!
I just wanted to Update you all on me! :) and I have Missed blogging also!
God Bless!
Have a Blessed day!
-Pamela AKA FaithGirl

                                                But in a Great way!


  1. I pray you feel better. Someone as nice as you shouldn't be in that much pain. Have a painless day. And JESUS LOVES YOU.

  2. I'm sorry you have been in such pain. It's not fun at all. Good blog, I'm going to link you. I've been trying to find others like me. :)

  3. Thank you So much Anon! Love ya!
    No.. it's not! :( Thank you! how Sweet! Oh me to! It's SO hard sometimes!! But we are rare! and Amazing People
    XOXO,God Bless!


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