Saturday, August 6, 2011


This week is My favorite ICON and Hero's Birthday!! :D Miss Lucille BALL!! I'm a Huge FAN! You all Know her! She's turning 100 this YEAR!! You all know, I love and adore her because she had RA and RA fever Like I DO!! So her Birthday is today! Saturday! And I'm going to tell you!! Yes, You! Why I love her and how she has helped me.
I was 18 and I had just gotten diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. I couldn't sleep and was upset about what they told me. TVLand was showing her show all day and night that day  So I was watching it and I felt better!! I couldn't stop laughing. I have always Loved "I LOVE LUCY!" and then later that day, I was looking Up Famous People who had RA! and Lucille Ball came up!! :D I was like NO WAY!!!! Was it true? I went and told My Mom, guess who had RA? she said Who?? I said  Lucille Ball! My Mom said, NO WAY!! yes, way I said! she goes but she Looked so Healthy, I said, well, she got it when she was Young. She had Just started working as a fashion model in 1927 and she got sick and she couldn't work for two years! She was living with her Mom and Family in Jamestown. Then she Moved back to New York in 1932 and started Acting In films. My Fav Film of hers is "Room Service" and "Stage Door." She did that one with her Cousin Ginger Rogers, and also did modeling together. And then while she was Acting, at 39 she met her soon-to-be Husband. :) And a few years Later, Lucy got asked to star on a Tv Show. On one condition, but ONLY if her real Husband could play her TV Husband. They said no at first but then said yes. And I told this all to my MOM! :D and I told Mom and I was Looking for Role Model who had RA and I found her!! I don't know if her RA affected her work or her in anyway. I haven't found that information anywhere. I have Looked everywhere and haven't seen anything but the thing is she didn't let it STOP HER!! And look at her at how long she had the Show! 9 YEARS!! Plus tons of Other shows Later  that she did. Like "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" After they divorced she did "The Lucy Show" and/or "Here's Lucy! to me!" She's the BEST! and I think a role Model for anyone who has RA! :D and that's why, I wanted to wish Her a Happy Birthday!
I really wish, I could have met her!! I think we would have sat down and had Tea, like she always gave to Ricky on the show. And we would've talked about our health and Life. I would hear her tell me stories about when she worked with the Marx brothers and about her Cousin Ginger and on and On! and I know, you are saying, Is Pamela Nuts?? No! I'm a Dreamer, Like My Mom and Dad and My Grandfather Pat who Tells Me, never to Give up on your Dreams! You're a girl who can do anything!! 
I just would have loved to have met her!  So now you know The Great Lucille Ball who would've made you laugh so hard and almost make you pee in your pants!! (We have all BEEN THERE! :P ) and made You feel Better about Yourself! and You remember watching "I Love Lucy" growing up. I want to thank her for bring laughter into my home. She was a wonderful woman who was always turning something negative into something positive and I never got tired of watching it, every episode is as funny as the first time I watched it. Shows today cannot compete with the humor and personality that came naturally to Lucy. She will forever be my Role Model and Icon And It Makes me so happy to see that Lucille Ball is trending on Twitter. "I Love Lucy" is my absolute favorite TV show!! OF ALL TIME! 
So as of today is her 100th anniversary of her birth, I will end with This! Here is to you Lucille Ball. Happy 100th Birthday! Your comedic genius will never be forgotten.
God Bless! 
and XOXO Lucy! 
-Pamla AKA Faith Girl And to my readers!
Have a Wonderful weekend and watch the I love Lucy Marathon on Hallmark channel and Her Movies on TCM today! I'm recording them!

At This link You can Find NEVER before Seen Photos Of her!! And of her singing to the USO! They are amazing! a MUST SEE!


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