Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot and Busy Week!

Hey Everyone! 

How are y'all? don't be afraid To comment so we can talk!  :D

Anyway, This week Has Been good. Just we went Camping Last weekend and My Body felt the pain!! But It was SO Much Fun for me and I was With My Family! :D and That's The Best Fun! Ok This week Has been Busy and Tough For me and My Whole Family! Just Keep Praying for us!
I see my Dr. This Monday, I'm Not Sure, If I may go, My Dr. Hasn't been doing That Much for me, And I was thinking I may Switch Doctors.. But I'm not sure, I'm still Praying about it. because My Pain is Still acting up and making me stiff and I have been SO Tired a LOT! This Week, I also had to Tell My Little cousins why I was Sick and That I couldn't carry them or get On The Floor with them. They got It, when said I'm Sick from my Bones and I need to rest a LOT! They kinda Got it. Then They are You ok?? I said I'm ok! They were SO sweet!!! and wanted to Make sure, I was OK! I just hope whenever I have Kids, They will be OK! with me being sick, I just hope I will Be much Better then! You never Know! :D
This week has Been Busy and HOT!! not just for me! but for everyone!

And This weekend Be FAITHFUL! and When In Pain, Don't talk! That's My Motto  because I have said Some stuff when I'm In pain and I say it Angry! because I'm in pain and People Think I'm upset or Mad at Them and I'm Not! I'm just in pain! And have a Good weekend! I just wanted to Update y'all! and stay Inside from The Heat! here Texas, we rarely EVER go Out, Unless It's for a BBQ! :D And Today I have some family to see! before They leave tomorrow! and I also have Church Tomorrow! :) YAY!! <3
God Bless!
Have a Blessed Weekend!
-Pamela, AKA faithGirl

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