Monday, July 11, 2011


Hey Everyone!
How are Y'all?? missed This! My Blog! I have Been computerless if That's a Word? Lol. anyway! That's Why I took a BREAK!! now I have a brand new Laptop, and It's SO NICE!! I love it! God blessed me so much!! And It's awesome!! My Dad got it, for me and I had Money from the Last computer. :)
So Also I'm in pain today! :( Everytime My Monthly Comes,it gets SO BAD! my RA,Fibro, and My something Maybe Lupus also.
I was Just with the family, a While ago. It was So much!! My cousins Just got back from Disney World. they LOVED IT! and It was So much FUN!  I want to Go NOW! Someday and I want to take them Back and My Grandparents Both Sets. :D
How Have I been? GOOD! :D really good. Just being with Out a computer is a Lot, But God Blesses those who Wait. And Health Wise I'm good and I'm Just really tried, and dealing With the Pain!
And Demi Lovato New song just came Out "SkyScarper" and it's SO GOOD! and I'm listening to it right now!
XOXO, I'm off to Bed, Right tomorrow!
Good night and God bless!

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