Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trying to Keep The faith!

Hey Everyone! So I Finally Did it! I Saw The Movie The King's Speech.. It's to amazing For words.. Everyone Must SEE IT!! It's Just a Impeccable FILM! I just can't Stop Thinking about it. I love it SO MUCH!! His Wife is SO SWEET!! Helena Bonham Carter Is SICK! In This Film. My New Word. Sick.. Means AWESOME!! and Amazing! :D Anyway! Just Go SEE IT! It's Not a History film, It Takes You away To London, I feel Like I'm Back In 1936 London and The Queen Was Still a Little Girl And She Still had her Dogs. :) SO My Friend is Doing This Thing That I can Send a Letter or Message To Princess KATE! AHH! I was Like OMGH! The Whole Time! I have NO idea what To say!?!? Just Send me some Thing, You Think I should Say!!??? I want To Her That I Have a JRA and Fibro But I'm not Sure, It's a Good idea! and I need to her a Pic Of Me and Where I'm From! I just can't WAIT! I  Just hope she Likes IT! I'll try To Tell her! That She Needs to Help Out with Causes and Stuff and That Here in America We Love her!! and Her wedding was Amazing! So Yesterday I got a New Painting, It's So Pretty and Finshed Other one, I will Post a Pic soon!! And I got Paco a Shirt And It's Red. It Looks SO good on him!! And Tomorrow I go To see The Dr's. Let's See How This Goes... I have been In pain and I Feel Like The Anakinra is Not Working anymore! So I want a New Med.. But what?? I don't Know.. i just Feel So Lost when It comes to This... I'm Losing Hope and Faith. I feel Like a Little Girl again and Just wanting to "Yell Out Mom!! please HELP ME!!" But She can't Do anything... I haven't Felt Like This a WHILE!! I always Keep the Faith, I know Something Will Good Happenend though!! Ok. So I have To Now. My Computer is Sick! :( and It's to hot in My room for It! And I'm using my Brothers Computer.
God Bless! have a Great DAY! :D
-Pamela! <3 AKA Faith Girl

My Dog Paco..

My Dog Paco again!

My Brother Took a Pic Of Me.. we were Playing around. :)

A Monkey Hanging around.. :D

 If You Like Dr Who.. Then You Know Who this IS!!

Some Flowers I got for My birthday! :)

 More Flowers!

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