Friday, June 10, 2011

My Wonderful Days!

Hi Everyone! How are y'all?? I have MISSED YOU ALL!! And I haven't been writing very much, I miss you all! I have just been SO BUSY!! with life, family and on and on! God is really Working on me, with his plan for me and I know, It's a great plan! :) I haven't been painting as much as I want! but reading TONS more!! I love books, ever since I was a Child. wait, I still am a child?? to tell you all the truth, I'm just happy to be up and breathing! and alive for that FACT! I can't be more BLESSED!also I have been feeling sick off and On.. and sleeping like A LOT! I could say ore or less normal, BUT nope!! My sleep pattern is off! I have been reading a lot on it, and some Tips are nostly don't drink any coffee or soda before bed and not sleeping in the day a lot is something That helps also And Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day helps also, for me! :)
I have had pain but rying Not to think about it! And also Yesterday Wwas my birthday! I have had a good day, I feel so blessed God has blessed so much! This week had Been tough but GOOD!! :) My party Is today! I invited EVERYONE! but mostly Family, That's who I love and care about me the most But on my facebook wall and On twitter, so many friends have wished me Happy Birthday! I feel so BLESSED to have so Many people In my life! It feels Like a dream! God is Good!
also last Week, my Cousins had their babies. I'm so happy For them!! one was a boy and the other was a Girl!! I love having new family!! And a bigger one also.. :D
Also I Really Miss JRAPeeps, It's a Foundation I have With My Mom And Dad and My Friends, Merissa H, Nicole S and Luca E Help also! Nicole and Merissa also Have JRA and Luca is My Best Friend and doesn't Have it. If You don't Know what It is! It's for JRA and Helps Teens and Kids with JRA anyway! There are some JRA Events and I'm going to Call Some People to Ask If I can Help! I really Want to Help Kids and Teens my Age! I know How Hard it is And How Much I Know what They are going Though and It is REALLY Hard! But You can Get Though it! That's My New Motto! :) And I want to Tell the WORLD! For me, Nothing is Impossible and also, I have a Great Idea and I know YOU ALL Will Love it! That's all for Now! My Birthday Party is tonight and I'm READY!!
Love y'all! :) Have a Great Weekend! And PAIN FREE!! 
God Bless!
-Pamela AKA Faith Girl!

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