Friday, June 17, 2011

My Sleeping Birthday!

How was your Week?? Mine was GREAT! Last Friday,I had a Birthday Party With Great Friends and Family And on Sunday At Church they had a Cake for me! and I got some AMAZING gifts! a Truly Wonderful Weekend. :) And I got a Couch wallet, and I got $60 In Forever 21 Cards and $50  Dollars in Cash. :) I was SO HAPPY :D And I got a Hobby Lobby gift card also! :) And a Love Plaque also And My Cake at Church was a New York  strawberry cheese cake.. SO GOOD!! I ADORE Cheese Cake. My Mom made me love it.. LOL! I blame HER!! And It just So GOOD! This Week Was So Great.. I just rested and Went Out to run Errands and Worked On stuff and Read My Tons of Books, That I LOVE.. I'm studying Different stuff, Right now and When I mean Sleeping a Lot.. I mean a LOT! I slept Till Noon today and Took Two Naps yesterday, I don't See why?? But I think It's My Fibro And My Bones are Hurting Off and On and My Back Has been hurting so MUCH!! and It's so HOT here In Texas. I just Can't Sleep that well, at ALL! It's Hot all the TIME and Day and NIGHT! And Paco (My Dog) Has been Sleeping In His Dog bed,It Helps Me a Lot!
So I was Painting Today, And Still Am! It's so Much Fun And Relaxing! My painting is Looking Good!  I just have Trouble Painting In The lines.. Like a Little Kid!
Also.. I'm taking My shots still and all my meds... I wish, I Didn't Have to take them! They get More and More Painful every Time, I take Them!! and still no soccer this week... but tennis is starting!! YAY! :D
My Fav Rafael Nadal.. has a Good Chance Of winning This year! YAY,YAY! :D I want Him to WIN!!
And I got some Balloons from my Party and I was hanging Them up, they looks so PRETTY!
I have Been Watching Movies, I saw "The 8 Foot Woman" a 40s Film It was so good.. I was So cheering for the 8 Foot woman! Her husband was a Loser, Poor girl.. Lol. It was So FUNNY!! You should have seen it!
and I was painting at the Same time!! Then I started Laughing Like a Crazy Person! Paco (My dog) Just Kept Looking at My Eyes Then I said "What Paco?!?! Your freaking me OUT!! :O But I think He loves to Hear my laugh! I sound Like a Little Piggy. haha!
It's Odd, My fibro Is This week and Lupus was Bothering me Last week. It's always Something!
Well, I better Go! It's Late! and tomorrow I'm going out With The family. Love y'all! :)
God Bless!
-Pamela AKA FaithGirl! :)

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