Friday, May 27, 2011

Look on the Bright Side!

Bonjour! Mes grands lecteurs! Comment êtes-vous?
 ( Hello! My Great Readers! How are You?)  Since the French Open is Going On! I wanted to use french! :) And some of You know Who My FAV is? Rafael Nadal! He plays tomorrow! :D I cannot wait! I will be gettting up early again!
:P So lately I've Been in pain But Not too bad, I've been trying really hard to keep Myself stress free, And it's working!
And I have seen a Change in my Pain and In me! It's like a light has Been Shown to Me! I feel SO GOOD! I'm trying to be upbeat even If My computer is running slow.
 And I'm drinking Tea off and On and I'm Sleeping More But I'n trying to Listen to My Body, It's hard but I know, I can DO IT! and You can DO it too!
And I saw My Dr. this Past Week, he said there are No more meds For me right now. when he said That I wanted to start crying.
But Then he said: "Well, You could start Yoga, That May help," So I'm going to Be trying That This coming Week! Let's Hope It helps!
So I won't be doing much for This Hoilday but staying home but in a way it's good!
Because last week we went To the Beach and It was SO MUCH FUN! but I was So tired and I felt sick The week when we got back.
I don't Understand it either and I have been trying to go without My trigger shots! Let's hope it goes well! :D
well, that's I have for Now, I know, It's short But My hands are hurting a LOT today! :(
God Bless!
You're amazing, My Readers! I'll try and Post this weekend also! :)
-Pamela (AKA Faith girl) :D


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