Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello Everyone!! 
HAPPY DAYS are Here again, The sky Is Blue! And The Grass is Green.. Ok. The Bad Guy is DEAD!! and I'm SO Happy!! Because This is AMERICA! The Best Country On EARTH! And This Weekend is Mother's DAY! And I also My pain is a lot Right now.. :( Pray for me Please. I have a LOT of family ahead of me!! This Weekend  also I Saw Jerry this Past Week, & I got my Shots.. & in my Neck again, everything is hurting, even NOW! I'm wearing Gloves and Stuff and It's HOT! and I'm dressed Like I Live in London.. LOL! Or something. Real Madrid Lost This Past week ALSO! :( BUT Next Year we will WIN!! And I'm really stiff! and Tight.. Next WEEK! I will Be posting MORE! this Past Week, Kinda Came up FAST! I had My Cousin's Birthday and A lot of Birthday's also. Got My Mom's Gift already! she's Going to Love it! I hope to Post on Monday or Tuesday, so Let's Hope Everything goes Well! :)  
Have a GREAT Weekend! 
And Happy Mother's DAY! to Those Who are Moms! 
God Bless!
-Pamela AKA FaithGirl 

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  1. stay cool Pam and stay happy!


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