Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Day In My LIFE!

Hello! My Amazing wonderful Readers! 
Last week, being World Lupus day & and Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. Then Blogger was Down But to me it said! I'm not going to get anything done!! great ;(
Not Only Is it a disease, but AKA PAIN!!  You Learn, The Differences In the Pain!! But for some reason.. I keep getting This DEEP and I mean DEEP Pain! 
What Did I do For Lupus Day and Fibro day?? I honored it by Wearing Purple! : Why does The Arthritis Foundation do Walks to raise Money?? I can't walk that far!  Sounds like an Oxymoron!  We Must Think of something to DO for fibro and RA!!Let's hear What You ALL think??? tell me.. And We have no Still's Disease Chapter! Not That I want to Run it, But we do need it. Change the world. :) for The Better.
I  KNOW! we need more Resources For everyone!! Tell Me, Your IDEAS!! And How You want change The World?? 

Today has Been a Tough Day for Myself.. This Pain gets me Down and I'm trying to Go on and People say Go on and I Just want to say It's Not that easy, You know? But Then I remember God is with me and I feel better. I must NEVER Forget that. Or You! Going Though What we do.. is TOUGH!! No one knows how is Feels! believe ME! lol  We Need each Other! don't be scared to talk to me!   

 I plan to Beat These diseases.. I Don't Know how but sounds Like it will never Happen even if all these diseases can get worse.  Life is  short for Everybody Fibro or not.  That's why I Live every Day to the Fullest.  
I have also been Really BUSY! With The Ending Of soccer.. :( I'll Miss IT! But Tennis Season is Here! 

So that's Helps and I'm Painting Also! :D happy, happy, happy. I'm Done With my First Painting of a Little Dog. Its painting by numbers and they are available at any Hobby Lobby. Very cheap. At least I  Can Afford it. haha.  It's so cute! Very relaxing and it kept me busy and I Can do it in My time. I paint for about 15-20 minutes probably less and then I rest. The ONLY Thing is My hands start to shake when I hold the brush and hands stiffen.  I want To Paint more but I can't. Not yet. 

I Forgot to tell You that I went on a trip! A four hour ROAD trip. I thought we would Never get there!!!!!
Good Thing good Ol' Dad, stopped for ME. Me, Dad, Mom, and my two brothers AND two senior citizens. My Grandma and my grandpa. So We were packed in our van. All we Needed was my dog! We went shopping at some antiques stores! LOVE IT! Saw some good stuff.   
It wasn't too bad!  Since we had gramps, he sat down and I sat down, too! It was a good trip glad to be 

home! I slept on the way home on my grandma's shoulder.

Have a Awesome Weekend My Pain Free Readers! 

-Pamela <3 AKA Faithgirl!



Have a WONDERFUL Weekend! :) 

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