Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shots & Fiesta make my World Go ROUND!

Hello, Everyone! :)
My wonderful readers! I missed y'all, SO Last Weekend was Fun! I ate The Best BBQ in South Texas and went to a Festival with My Family, It was SO MUCH FUN! And on Saturday I got a POST Card From My Friend Marissa! Here's a PIC! 

and Church was amazing on Sunday! Then Lunch With Grandparents :D and on Sunday Night!! My HERO Taylor swift Won, Her first Entertainer of The YEAR Award!! Oh, I was so Happy for her! :) here's a Pic!

Then I went to Bed. Then my week started! Monday was Good! :D and Yesterday was good, I took a Nap then went walking! Then took another Nap and Had dinner! then I fell asleep and didn't wake up till this Morning! Then today, My little Cousin had a Test and she came Out Ok! :D she was all Up and grumpy! But still CUTE!  and I was Out walking This morning! :D  I walked a Half MILE! :D Paco and I! :D we were FAST!! Yeah, right :P But It felt like it! Then I was in car waiting for My little Brother Pat to finish, He goes also! and Then I came home and I just gave Paco a Bath, and I'm waiting for My shots to come! Then send them to my house! :D
The pain has been There But right now,I'm on two Fentanyl patch's Plus Tramadol 4 times a Day and It helps but It's Not that Bad, Just at Night or when it's cold, my hands and back hurt a Lot more, and On Fridays I take methotrexate, 3 pills, 3 times a one day out of The week. all Those with My Normal Pills that I take daily!  and I have also Been sleeping with the heating Pad, and walking Is helping to! Just that, I'm very TIRED! and I have been sleeping a LOT! on Tuesday Night, I slept from 8 to 5! in the Morning! wedsnday was Just at home.. and Thursday was My Brother Paul's Birthday It was so AWESOME! :D his Party, I got him a Shirt. He was so HAPPY! I Love My little Brothers! :)
Friday I was at My cousin's House and I saw my Tia and Tio! :D (Aunt and Uncle) it was SO much fun! :)  OK, My FAV thing is Texas and the world Started this week! Fiesta!! Yes, that means PARTY! :D The PARADES!! Fiesta is 11 days Long! :D
And This week Has Been NUTS! ONE reason why, I get my Anakinra Shots sent to my house From Tennessee..There is a Pharmacy that sends Them to me! and On Thursday, I DIDN'T get them! I had one Shot Left.. I took it for Thursday, And I hoped they would Send them.. And they didn't, somehow They got stuck In Tennessee, I have NEVER and I mean NEVER Been With Out this Shot before.. I was Sacred! And Now It's Sunday and It has Been 3 days, I haven't Took my shot! Fedex is trying to Get them here.. But They were trying to Send them yesterday But They were still in Tennessee! SO I will get on Monday Morning  HOPING! Anakinra Who makes the Shot were mad at The Pharmacy, Because They know I can't be with out THEM! and Said, They will Look into this! I feel Ok.. Just Been Having Trouble Breathing..and  trying not to Stress OUT!! SO This week Had Been Hard on me.. The Pain is There But this Shot thing is Making everything WORSER! But Fiesta Should Make me Feel Better, we are going to The Fiesta Fireworks Tonight! :D I can't WAIT! but my Grandfather, Has been Feeling Sick! so Please Pray for him!  <3
I have to go! The Fireworks are at 9:30 tonight! And Church was Awesome Today! and I just woke up from a Nap..   PS, I have been trying to post This ALL Week, just time has been Getting away on me! I MISS y'all! I really Need a Laptop! LOL!
Love y'all! & God Bless! <3
-Pamela, AKA faithgirl! :)



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  1. Pam God has you covered he is in control. Remember there is nothing God can not do, he said be still and know that I am God. My 14 year old daughter Diana and myself have lupus. There are some bad days and there are some good days, but always remember our father and Lord Jesus Christ will never leave us. Have faith. You will be OK, trust in the lord. He loves us and will always be there for us.
    God Bless...


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