Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Busy Week!

Hey everyone! How Are You all?
Sorry, I have been MIA!! (Missing in Acton) Ok, These past weeks have been CRAZY Busy! Ok, So Easter was Sunday! :D and Holy Week was Last Week, And I'm kind of sick right now with some kind of infection.  Besides Everything else being Crazy Busy this week, Normal is Out the Window. So Let's See it's Been 3 1/2 weeks Since My Last Post.
Like I said, I am sick.. from well an Infection.. I'm on Meds. My Dr is SO good. That she Just called something in for me! :D Anyway, Sunday was AWESOME! Church, then BBQ with Family! :D Then Easter egg hunt, Then Gifts! Then confetti EGGS! we crack them on each other's HEADs! The little kids crack them hard on our heads! It's so much FUN! :D Then we pig out on Sweets! Or In this case, My Brother Paul & I made Cupcakes :D SO GOOD! ( Pics in the BOTTOM of the page) Anyway, Then I was Pigging out on Grilled Corn, I love it! then we went Home at around 8:00 something. :) Paco was at home all Day. Because some of My cousins are so little we don't want him to jump on them or anything. These past weeks have Been not just Crazy But a lot! of Pain, sickness, Doctors & family. Manly Just Not me But my Brothers also But they are feeling better! :D anyway, Ok, So I went to my Rheumatologist Last Week. :D And He changed My Meds again, They seem to be Helping so Let's HOPE! :D Then I got my Shots from Mr Jerry.. It's always great, But painful to Put The shots in!
ok, Today is Thursday.. tomorrow is the Royal wedding. I can't wait! I love Miss KATE she's so Normal, she could be my Cousin or Best friend!! I'm so Happy for her! AHH! so I will be Getting up at 3:00 am for her and William! :D! so that's My PLAN!
And It's Grocery Shopping tomorrow also! and I cut the Coupons with alot of pain and stiffness but its my way of helping out. And I have been watching that Show "Extreme couponing's.. I love IT! These people love to save money!I mean really INSANE! and I LOVE IT! I have saved $30 at the Most! and I want to be on this show so How I can do IT! This not for me, But my Family. This is how I HELP!
There's this One Thing Y'all don't know about me, Only one who knows, is Miss RA Warrior.
I feel so bad for the people who died in the tornadoes. I said a prayer for them. LIKE God takes care of me, HE Will take care of them!!
 But today something kinda scared me. MY Mom had a Test today. They are just checking her but its kinda up in the air. Will let you know later when we find out next week.
Anyway That was yesterday when I wrote That, Today is Friday Night, It's 2:44am. I know It's Late. The Wedding was AMAZING! I haven't Seen anything Like it In my LIFE! :D I loved It! her Dress was amazing! :D AHH! I was So Happy For her! :D Earlier I went Grocery Shopping with Mom and My Brothers Then I came Home and fell asleep, My Little Body wasn't Feeling Good. Then I ate Lunch Then I made Dinner (kinda done already), it was SO GOOD, Just My Knees were Hurting a LOT!! Then My Spurs Lost to The Memphis grizzlies ! :( I Thought They were Going to WIN! :( it was Nasty LOST! But I still Love My BOYS! My team is Now The Thunder and Boston! ok. So besides, That My Pain Has Been Bothering Me a LOT! These past Two Days But The Other days and 1 week, I was OK! So I don't know what's Going on?!?! I'm just hoping Some How I will get BETTER?!?!  I feel Like a Freak sometimes But With God. I'm me! :D That's all folks. I'll post in a few days. :D I may just start posting some random stuff so look BACK!! 
Love Y'all,Pamela, AKA Faith Girl... :D 






Princess Diana is Looking Down On Them! 

I just Thought This was Funny! LOL! 


Mr Bean, You Know I'm a FAN! 

                                                                               Dr Who was There???

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