Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pain is My way of LIFE!

 Hello, everyone! :D
Missed you all!! I have had a crazy past week! Oh this week has Been a lot on me! My body feels really tired. On Monday I went to See my Rhumy, he said to try another Pain patch. it May help Better. I said Ok, Awesome! let's Hope! and I went to Jerry's and Got my Trigger point shots, also! It has been Forever since I'd seen Him, Like 6 weeks? So It was Nice to See him, since He's Like a Uncle to me! Then I went to go Sleep, because My Shots Make me Feel a LOT BETTER! :D Then I was With The family, watching My Shows! LOL! :) And Then Tuesday, I got the Med and Took it, This Med is Called "Butrans" and The Generic Name is "Buprenorphine". Ok, The First Day was good. Then Wednesday I was really Hungry and I felt, kinda odd, Then My Mom and I Kinda Got into a Fight for NOTHING! Then I went to take a Nap.. And Then I was Eating dinner and In my room and I was about to go to Bed and Then My mom was Talking and Then I just went Off ON HER!! FOR NOTHING AGAIN! and I was laughing and Crying almost at the same time! It was so Nuts! I didn't know what was going on! My mom Said just take off the patch and then a hour Later I Felt fine. Still in Pain But I will Live with That! I wanted to just go under a rock and Not come out! :(  I just felt so Mad at Myself for Getting Upset! and angry! But like I said, I just couldn't stop!! My Mom said she understood, That I was sick.. Then Thursday, I was sleeping a Lot and I was working On some stuff, Then I went to My Brother Dr's app With Him and Mom. He's Good! we are Happy for That! Then I went To see my Cousins and See my Grandpa Before His test Friday morning. It was Good to see my cousins. :) and see My Cousin who Home from the Navy, He was Going back, My Cousin, His Wife was Really sad.. I felt so bad for her! :( and Then we were cutting The trees at Their House and It was Fun and I wasn't in That much pain at all Then we went Home, The whole family got  Up early The Next morning Friday morning!  To go to My Grandfather's Heart Test. His Test went Ok, I was so HAPPY! My Uncle and aunts were there. I really missed them! :) Then we went Home and I told mom, I need my Pain Patch! she said, OH let's call them! and My Dr told me to go get it and I got my med! THANK GOD! :D I can't be with out! Then on Saturday I stayed Home, I was in a LOT of pain :( But we went out for dinner! The best, BBQ in Texas! It was so GOOD! :D HERE IT IS! 

SO IT looks SO GOOD! :) and On Sunday, I went to Church with My Family! :D and on Monday, It was a home day! :) I was in pain But I was More stiff. But I slept a Lot Because I was in pain later at night. :) Tuesday My Little Brother had a app in the morning, He's healthy! :D LOL! Just needs to exercise more! then we went to The Post office and I got some Stamps! I have been waiting ALL YEAR! for them! They are a AWESOME Stamps!  LOOK!!! 
ON there is Selena Quintanilla-Perez,Carlos Gardel,Carmen Miranda,Tito Puente And Celia Cruz, Who My
Grandfather, KNEW!! before she Died, He's a Piano Player But back then, he was a star in Tropical Music.
Then My Grandmother Had a Test done and we went, she was so tired and cold, we waited, I was reading and chatting with Mama. Then we Took my Grandma Home she was out. The test put her to sleep, and we were with my Grandpa, eating dinner! :) then we went home and I fell asleep, I hadn't taken a nap ALL DAY! And Yesterday! I woke Up and Paco has Like Hives on him! :( so I have been watching him all Day and Night! I put a new pain patch on and Took all My Meds, I'm in a Lot of pain. My Mom who is amazing! Left me at home. :) I'm just like, this pain is so much! But I'm going to beat it! 
TODAY has been a Hard day! I woke up in pain.. all night I was in pain crying,and just yelling. :( Mom had to take my Little brother to His Dentist, so I had to go! we went and I put my tenn's Thing on and I helped.. we were waiting.. and He finally came OUT! lol Then we Got some food and I got a COFFEE! and I called Jerry! and Told Him, I need to come in! so I went and he did The shots on my Back then I asked Him can You do My Neck?? because it's Hurting a lot! he said Ok, and he did them, Here's the PIC!

It felt a LOT BETTER! still does! when He put the shots in! I got like 9 shots, That's Plus the Numbing shots!! I feel really GOOD! I will be going to take a Nap.. Because I feel Like I can sleep now! It was so much pain that I couldn't sleep! :( and I was Crying! and Paco was trying to comfort me. I was like aaww!! But somehow, even How bad the pain gets, I'm still use to it! just sometimes, I feel so Defeated! :( Because this pain is so much..But when I do Feel Like that, I try to remember, The people that are BEHIND ME! Like My Mom and Dad, My huge FAMILY! My friends Like Samantha L from NYC and Samantha M from  Penn, and People Like Toni Braxton! & many more! & ALL MY Readers!! so When you are in pain, This week, Think about the PEOPLE BEHIND YOU!!!! and Who LOVE YOU!! so Just learn that Is Your way of Life, with Pain!
Talk to Y'all LATER! <3 God Bless! 
XOXO,Pamela, AKA Faithgirl :) 


When i'm in Pain.. this HOW I FEEL! :( 


  1. Awww. I'm always gonna be supporting you <3

  2. Hey! I found your blog off of RA Warrior's site. I feel your pain. I was diagnosed with JRA when I was 14 years old. It has now been 7 years since then. It is hard to try to live your life to the fullest when you daily deal with pain and fatigue. Keep smiling, though! :) God bless you!!!

  3. Thank you so Much Tracy! Oh Awesome! OHH another JRA's girl! YAY! same here! it is.. :\ But we get Though it! Together with Hope & faith! <3 God Bless you to!

    THANK YOU SAMANTHA! :) aww! your My sister & My best friend!


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